EFGH Series – Easy, Fast. Good and Healthy Recipes #dapperhouseEFGH

Those of you who know me, know that I do not like to cook.
I CAN cook and I can really bake!! 
(remember this post? Homemade Cinnamon Rolls?) 
I just don’t like to do it. 

So if you can share your EASY and Quick
 recipes with me I would love it.
(please e-mail them to me and I will credit you if I use it on my blog!!)

I will share some of my favorite EASY & Quick recipes with you too. 

Today I had a healthy, delicious lunch that took me 
10 minutes to make from start to cleaning up.
Here it is:  
dapperhouse Warm Spinach Salad with Crunch

You will need:  
Fresh Spinach, Italian Dressing, Crumbled Goat Cheese, 
Cherry Tomatoes, Healthy Snack mix.
Add 2 cups (stuffed) fresh spinach into a medium sized bowl

Microwave for approximately 40 seconds until leaves are 
warm and wilted, not cooked.
Add 1 tsp Italian Dressing.
Add 1T (or a little less) of crumbled goat cheese.
Add fresh, sliced tomatoes (6 cherry tomatoes).

Stir everything together so that the cheese melts and 
veggies are coated with flavors!

Transfer to a salad plate and garnish with a healthy snack mix.

(I used Zesty Fiesta Mix – with Corn Sticks, pumpkin seeds, 
sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts) 

This is filling, rich, flavorful, crunchy and satisfying!
It took 10 minutes start to finish (clean up included) and is only 160 calories!

Can you beat that dapper friends?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse