It is so much fun to spend time with little ones. Most every child loves puzzles and loves crafts even more. This fun dinosaur activity and puzzle will have your child engaged in lots of creativity and great times making memories with you!


  • 2, 8” x 5” pieces of cardboard
  • Pencil or pen
  • Crafts scissors
  • markers


Step 1. On one piece of cardboard, sketch out a dinosaur.

Step 2. On the second piece of cardboard sketch out a bush, a sun, a tree trunk and four palm leaves.

Step 3. Have you or your child cut out all these pieces.

Step 4. Have your child color in all the pieces.

Step 5. Have you or your child cut the dinosaur into puzzle pieces.

Step 6. Have your child fit the pieces together and create a dinosaur scene.

Step 7. When your child is done, store the pieces in a gallon size bag for later play.

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