I have always been proactive about my skin. I have never been self absorbed about my looks,  just determined to look my personal best. I have used eye creams since my twenties in hopes that I would ward off the issues of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles later on in life. And this wasn’t a now and then deal either, I have been consistent for longer than a decade! Now that I am in my 40’s I can honestly say that all that hard work and foresight was . . . meh.

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There is nothing that can stop the aging process and I don’t want to have a tightly stretched face with no wrinkles on my old lady face – that would just looked so weird! I do however want to keep doing the best with what I’ve got and control the puffiness, dark circles and crows feet. I really need to get rid of that line etched deep between my eyebrows. This picture was taken upon waking this morning where you can see the harsh effects of a dry and cold Chicago winter on delicate skin around my eyes.


So, do eye creams really work? YES! Of course they do! And I am ready to buy a new brand so here is what I know. . .

Retinol is a Vitamin A ingredient in eye creams that is scientifically proven to stimulate cell rejuvenation and boost collagen. . . an all in one fit for younger looking eyes. I have used Retinol based products on and off for a long time. I stop them at times due to dry flaking skin and dryness but start them right back up again when the sensitivity decreases. Switching to a “sensitive skin” retinoid is also less intensive and good to continue the treatment in a lower dose. I also use a moisturizing eye cream because while many experts have agreed that this is unnecessary, I find that it helps and regular moisturizers are too heavy for my eye area. Until technology allows me to choose my filter and photo editing options in real life, I will always use eye creams and hope for the best.

i love instagram filters and photo editing programs @dapperhouse do eye creams really work Yes in photoshop.

What are your go to products and brands for eye creams?

Can you recommend a great one to me?

Here is where I normally shop online because of these great coupon codes . . .

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