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There are so many fun ways to make your house look festive for any holiday. With Halloween coming up I have a cute and simple way to turn your plain candles into something special and all you need is some washi tape! This is a fun activity for older children as well so spend some time doing this project together in 30 minutes or less.

jenny at dapperhouse - DIY Washi Tape Halloween Candles Craft

You will need:

  • washi tape in your choice of Halloween colors (orange, black, green, purple)
  • white candles (I used battery powered candles because they are safer for having in the home)

DIY haloween Candle Decor - jenny at dapperhouse blog

How to Make:

The process is just so simple. . . wrap the washi tape around the candles and tear off where the ends meet. Make sure all your “seams” end up in the same place in the back so the front part that is displayed has clean lines.

Steps to make DIY Washi Tape candle Halloween decor - jenny at dapperhouse

This set of Halloween Washi Tape would be adorable to use!


When the season is over, change out the colors for the next holiday!

DIY Washi Tape Candles for Halloween - jenny at dapperhouse blog

Home Decor Craft - washi tape candles - jenny at dapperhouse