You’ve most probably heard about this current technological revolution that we as a species are going through. Just in the palm of our hands, we have incredibly computers in the form of smartphones. They fit in our pockets and we don’t think anything of it. We’re also seeing electric cars come to life and ferry people around autonomously. Our countries are not going to be how we once knew them as green energy is covering the landscape with wind turbines. And yet the sad thing is that more and more of us are staying indoors. Hooked to our computer screens and our televisions, we spend most of our waking hours inside our own homes. The more and more use of any place, the more wear and tear will happen to it. We are living creatures, we burn energy and we recuperate. This means that we sweat and shed dead skin cells. Our hair recycles and falls out. Eventually, sitting and lying indoors for weeks and weeks will cause the air in your home to become muggy. Poor air quality has horrible effects on our bodies and our minds. Before you make a lifestyle switch to becoming more active, fix the air your breathe first!

Don’t let bacteria form

The bad habits that we commit consciously are just as bad as those we do unconsciously. In fact, you could say it’s even worse of our behavior to become so aloof and unpractical. How many of us sit and eat at our desks at home? We’re answering emails, scouring the web to find a product we like, booking flights to go on holiday, using online phone call software to call friends and family, and all the while we sit and eat too. Even if you’re careful as to pick up any food you drop, the crumbs are still there even though you can’t see them. Children are unfortunately very guilty of leaving bits of food and unfinished snacks around the house. Children may be eating something then suddenly their attention is captured by something else such as a toy, tv show or their phones.

Preventing bacteria from building up will allow you to breath easy. Quite literally any food that is left out and even crumbs in your carpet will begin to rot. When bacteria consume food it grows and grows in size. Eventually, this bacteria will filter out into the air your breathe and give you bronchitis. This is when mucus builds and builds in your airway that you can no longer take normal breaths. It’s an exhausting and worrying feeling to not be able to breathe properly. The simple solution is, clean up everytime you eat. Wipe your desk clean with a wet wipe and catch the crumbs before they fall on the carpet. Vacuum the house at least once or twice a week. Do not leave food lying around no matter how small it is; bacteria will find it no matter where it is.

Green givers of life

A home without any plants is missing a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to make your home into a mini jungle or forest, you just need a decent amount of plants in some strategic places. The house can look like some industrial factory without any green in it. Even if you have bright colored walls, nothing can substitute the real green that vegetation adds to the home. However, plants that are there for decoration aren’t going to really help your muggy air situation.


  • Formaldehyde is a flammable chemical and gaseous substance, it’s in products such as nail polish, deodorant, plywood and in cigarette smoke. All of these are household products or get absorbed in to the home. Aloe Vera is a great plant to have to lie around your home as it can absorb this harmful gas doesn’t smell as it’s odorless and produce oxygen in return.
  • Golden Pothos is a plant with medium-sized flat leaves. It’s a plant that can live happily in the dark and continues to stay green and healthy when doing so. It also removes indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, and benzene. This in return helps to improve your lung health giving you the improved ability to take deep breaths of clean air. Slowly but surely it can also remove carbon monoxide and also use nitrates for growth.
  • The Kimberly Queen fern is also great for removing formaldehyde from your home. It’s also great for when the atmosphere seems to be humid. The plants suck in the moisture in the air and act as a way to cool the home.


So where should you place all these plants in your home? Too much is too crowded so take your pick and start off with two plants per floor. Put a plant in the living room somewhere where it can absorb natural light from the sun and yet stay out of the way of your daily living. The second plant for the ground floor should be the dining area or kitchen. Rather than placing it on the counter or on a table, buy a tall drawer you can host it on. For your 1st floor, keep a plant in the bedroom you normally sleep in. Again leave it in a place where it can get natural sunlight such as on your window sill. The other plant should be placed in the upstairs toilet to balance out the whole house.

Consistently cool

The hotter it gets the more and more we turn up the air conditioning. If you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioner installed you’ll know what a life saver they are when the summer sun decides to give no quarter. During the middle of the summer is when the worst of the heat waves wash over the country. If you have an old or worn out air conditioning unit, problems arise with the unit itself keeping cool. However since most likely you’ll have it turned on and working overtime during the night, it can break down. It’s actually common for the fan to become less and less efficient as the more hours are used. ABC Home & Commercial AC Repair can fix pretty much any issue that your unit is suffering from. You need highly trained people like they have to get a good grasp of the inner workings and spot the problem quickly.

They can also install new equipment if you wish since older models are clearly inferior to newer technology. If you sign up to their Preferred Service Plan, you can get a 15% discount on any repairs they offer; that includes labor and the cost of materials. You also receive priority scheduling so your call will be answered first beyond any others. On top of this, you also have 24-hour access to their services so if your AC breaks down during the late evening, during the night or even at dawn, they’ll be over right away. It’s not usual for air conditioners to clog during the summer as there’s hardly any winds and the dirt on the ground doesn’t get moved. Normally you see them get blocked by dirt and muck during the autumn because of the rain and dirt. However, bugs looking to escape the heat can venture inward into the air conditioners and clog up the moving parts that way.

Rotting food is one of the prime reasons low-quality air stays in the home. Breathing it in can cause serious respiratory illnesses. Plants can rectify the low-quality air in your home if you choose specific types. Air conditioners breakdown especially during the summer, getting them fixed at all hours of the day and night can be done with the right service.