This is tutorial with partial pictures because my beginning
set of photos were lost when my computer crashed
while my son was playing Roblox. UGH!
So first I took an extra board from when we had our
kitchen cabinets re-done.
I sanded it in all the right places and added some off white paint.
I decided to use numbers 0 – 9 from an old wall clock that quit working.
I popped the numbers off the clock, sanded down the pegs on the backs
to make them flush with the board.
I measured the board and did the math to space my hooks and numbers.
 I added two large hangers on either side of the back.
Then I began to install the hooks by starting each hole
with a nail, then screwing the hooks down in to the board.
(TIP: Make sure that the hooks are flush with the back of the board
 so that they hang up against the wall…I had to put mine in not in the center,
 but closer to the front of the board so
that they don’t make it stick out on the wall).
When the hooks are in, it is time to add the numbers.
I use industrial strength glue for mot every project.
 I love e6000, but this Goop is a great substitute.
I put it on the backs of the numbers and
 lined them up nicely across the board.
Let it dry and voila!
Ready to be hung and utilized!
This will be listed in my etsy store soon!!
Any questions just ask…thanks for reading..
and good luck creating a functional and fashionable
wall hanging…for you or someone you love.

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse