This is a very fun craft to do with your kids. You can let each child make their own or everyone can pitch in and make one together. Kids love to make this craft and they love to feel proud of it when it is hung up in the home. I hope you have fun doing this DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft with your children.

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft


  • Piece of white poster board or cardboard
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Bag of cotton Balls
  • Construction paper 2 sheets of each color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  • Ruler
  • 4 inch piece of string
  • Glue gun


Step 1. Cut a cloud shape from the piece of poster board.

Step 2. Use the sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the cloud and apply pieces of cotton.

Step 3. Keep applying the Mod Podge and the cotton unil the cloud is filled.


Step 4. Cut the pieces of paper the long way 1 ½ inches wide.

Step 5. For each color, use the glue gun to connect the two color strips.

Step 6. Take each color paper strip and roll it up tight to make it curl.

Step 7. One by one, use the glue gun to attach the color strips to the back of the cloud so that they hang down as shown.

Step 8. Turn the cloud over and using the glue gun, attach the string to the top center so that you can hang it on the wall.