DIY Printing Station for Boys & the Best Printer Ever

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We have a family printer that we have all been sharing for a few years now. It isn’t the end of the world to have to share with the kids but I do get frustrated when they commandeer my computer to find what they need to print. I also get frustrated when someone uses the last of the ink and I don’t find out until I am rushing to print something. (These boys!) I am all about making life more manageable and stress free so for the new school year I decided to set up a new printing station for my sons. It is out of my office and ready for them to use it as much as they like. Here is why I chose the HP Deskjet 3722 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner from Walmart.

Why I chose the HP DeskJet 3722 All-in-One Printer for my boys:

  • It has the most beautiful printing quality.
  • It is practically silent so it can go in any room without a bother.
  • It is (literally) the world’s smallest printer.
  • The printer has its own email address so you can quickly and easily send it jobs when away from home. (Very convenient for my good students!)
  • It comes in fun colors Sporty Purple, Poppy Pink and Dragonfly Blue.
  • It is totally affordable.
  • You can scan any object on the go with the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • You an print, scan and copy wirelessly from phones and tablets.
  • You can get an auto delivery for printer ink so you never run out.
  • You can print on various types and sizes of paper.
  • It has an auto turn off feature to save energy.

To see for yourself, click the image below and see where it takes you!


I thought that the printing station turned out cool so I wanted to share it with you. Here is the before and after photo. . .

Here is what you can do to make this in your home. . .

Go to Walmart and buy the HP Deskjet 3722 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner, a couple of frames and some spray paint that closely matches the color of printer you choose. (I found the printers on the end cap of the printer aisle!)

Pick up some toys or objects that represent your boys. For example, I got a dog in a fireman’s hat to represent my oldest son who is starting the Fire Science Program. I got a football to represent my son playing freshman football for his new high school.

At home, gather some old cardboard boxes. (I used a Chinese food take out box for fun.) Spray the frames and the boxes and let dry.

Set up your printer as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Use your new HP Deskjet 3722 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner to print out this back-to-school saying I made to inspire my boys . . .

In the other frame, print a photo or picture that your boys would like. I chose the sea turtle because my boys love them (Check out the outstanding quality of the printer!!)

Frame the pics and hang the boxes. (I used small nails to hang everything.)

(And who says boys don’t love flowers!)

Don’t tell the boys, but I am going to be using their printer regularly! I’ll just send things down from my office and pick them up when I need them! (Paybacks are only fair, right?)

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22 thoughts on “DIY Printing Station for Boys & the Best Printer Ever

  1. My printer (another brand) recently died and it wasn’t very old. I need to get an HP printer ASAP! I really like the printer station you created for your boys. It will keep everything neat and tidy.

  2. You definitely made great use of the space and what a clever idea too, I don’t have enough space nor kids but I would like to try something similar.

  3. I swear our printer is our lifesaver. I am actually looking to get a desk in my kiddos room and I might add this printer to his desk. It looks like the perfect printer for us.

  4. We are in desperate need of a new printer. With the school year getting started again we have a lot of printing in our future. I love the printing station, it looks good.

  5. The quality of the turtle looks so vibrant and awesome! I am a huge fan of HP printers and now I just want this one! The before and after looks great too!

  6. What a great printing station. I have been looking into getting a new printer and this one looks great.

  7. I have that exact HP printer and I love it. I don’t have a huge desk so it fits perfectly and works great. I love what you did to the wall decorations.

  8. It is really sensible to et up a separate printing station for the kids. The HP laserjet seems like a great option too for the kids to give wings to their imagination.

  9. Your printing station is super cute and I love how you did your own decor to match! I have a Canon, but I think next time I’ll try HP.

  10. You did a great job creating a printing station! I love the pictures and inspiration you created! Very cute and practical!

  11. What a nice printer. I’m so glad I found your review. We need to shop for one, and I don’t know the first thing about them. You did a great job with your space too.

  12. What a great use for a small space! I have a couple of those spaces in my home that are too small for things I think of putting, but are big enough that they need something fun! Love this idea and that printer is one of my favorites, too!

  13. HP always has a good line of printers but this one is tops! I love all the features of their new Deskjet. I will check this out too because my current printer at home is almost about to retire.

  14. You’re never too old for a little color! I am a 63 year old lady and just bought one in pink. I have yet to set it up…I look forward to using it! Love your printing station! Inspires me.

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