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Many of us are always looking for fun & unique ways to show someone that we care about them. For many occasions from an anniversary, get well soon or just because, you want to give a treat or a quick note but in a special way.  Well, with this customized craft you can leave both! (And no calories, blood sugar spikes or tooth decay – ha ha) I am going to show you how to make fast and simple paper fortune cookie cards for any occasion.

DIY Craft Paper Fortune Cookie Notes for All Occasions - jenny at dapperhouse

IDEAS for Using These Fortune Cookie Cards

  • These are a lot of fun to put inside a child’s or spouse’s lunchbox each day with a funny joke, note of encouragement or a “Have a great day”.
  • Have every child in the classroom write why they love their teacher and give as a gift at the end of the year teacher gift.
  • These are fun to write “I O U’s” and give to a partner for a birthday or anniversary.
  • Write extra chores on them and have the kids pick their jobs at random, but in a fun way.
  • Write words of encouragement or bible verses and give them to a neighbor to show some care and love.
  • Take some to the hospital to cheer up a friend with positive words, motivational sayings and funny lines to make them smile!
  • Write the reasons that you love your dad, father, grandpa, mom, aunt or sister and give them on a birthday or even just because.
  • Advent Calendar.

Paper Fortune Cookies Unique Notes for Any Occasion - jenny at dapperhouse

You will need:

  • decorative (scrapbooking) paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • something round to trace (a bowl or cup 3 – 5 inches across works well)
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Step 1.) Lay your paper out and trace your circles
Step 2.)  Cut out your circles and set aside.
Step 3.) Cut strips of paper to write the fortunes on. (They can be long enough to stick out the edges or small enough to be tucked inside.)
how to make paper fortune cookie notes - jenny at dapperhouse
Step 4.) Write out your fortune messages on your slips of paper
For each paper fortune cookie:
Step 5.) Fold the paper circle in half without making a crease and secure the top, center edge with a dab of glue.
fold the paper in half and secure with a dab of glue paper fotune cookie craft - jenny at dapperhouse
Step 6.) Pull the outside edges together by creating a bend/fold in the center of the paper as shown in the photo.
fold the paper in half to make a fortune cookie note - jenny at dapperhouse
Step 7.) Undo the bend and insert the fortune.
unfold and insert fortune for a fun and unique way to send a note - jenny at dapperhouse
Step 8.) Re-fold the fortune cookie into shape and add a dab of glue on the inside fold to hold it into place.
vertical final paper fortune cookie pic - jenny at dapperhouse
Here is a pic of what the underneath will look like as a reference. . .
underside of paper fortune cookie - jenny at dapperhouse
What occasion are you going to make these for?