What can be better than making your own art! Sunflowers are always a favorite because they are bright and cheery. Turquoise and yellow are a beautiful combination of colors that everyone can enjoy. This is a fantastic way for you to spend time with friends or older children. It can be ade to display in your own home or as a cool gift. Painting is easier than you think, especally when you have step-by-step instructions to guide you. I know you will love doing this DIY Abstract Art painted sunflower on canvas.

List of Supplies:

  1. Blank canvas (Size and shape is up to you but a square canvas is shown.)
  2. Acrylic paint – turquoisebrownyellowlight yellowbright greengreenwhite
  3. Paint brushes – various sizes
  4. Pencil


Step -1

Select a canvas and paint a layer of white acrylic paint on it. Allow the base paint to dry completely.

(If you are having people over for a painting party, do this step a day or more before they arrive.)

Step -2

Fill the canvas with turquoise paint. (You can do this ahead of time too.) Allow the paint to dry completely before painting the sunflowers.

Step – 3

Use a pencil to draw an outline of the sunflowers on the pained canvas. You don’t need to sketch the details of the sunflowers; just a rough outline will do.

Step – 4

Paint the center of the sunflower with brown acrylic paint. You don’t need to wait for it to dry. Select a medium shade of yellow paint and paint a petal with it. Simply fill a petal outline with the yellow paint.

Step – 5

Now, one by one, fill all the petals of that sunflower pattern.

Step – 6

Now, select a lighter shade of yellow paint and fill the petals between the painted petals of the previous step.

Step – 7

Select the medium shade of yellow and use a thinner brush paint smaller petals by over the bigger ones.

Step – 8

Apply smooth strokes along the sides of the petals to give then a nice and finished look. Use brown acrylic paint to paint the center nicely. Keep the edge of the center uneven, you don’t need to smoothen it.

Step – 9

Use green acrylic paint to paint a few leaf patterns before painting the 2nd sunflower.


Step – 10

Follow the previous sunflower painting steps to paint the 2ndsunflower. Paint the leaves between the 2 flowers however you like. You 2 to 3 different shades of green acrylic paint to fill the leaf patterns. Use white paint and a size 1 brush to paint small random dots on the center part of the sunflower for the finishing touch.

Step – 11

The painting will look better if it appears like the sunflower sits above the leaves. Since you painted the leaves after the petals, it can sometimes look like the green sits over the yellow. If your does, you can achieve the correct look by taking a small brush and adding a layer of yellow on the petals that extends a little bit over the green leaves. IF your green does not overlap the yellow then you can disregard this step.


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