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I love crafting (but of course you already know that) so I wanted to make something unique for my home decor to celebrate Valentine’s Day. With some dry sticks and some strong glue I was able to make a very cute wall hanging that you can re-create for yourself.

DIY Natural wod heart for valentine's day - jenny at dapperhouse

You will need:

  • dry branches and sticks
  • strong craft glue (I used E6000)
  • a paper to use as a work space
  • paint and brush (optional)
  • cord for hanging

How to Make:

1.) Gather your branches and sticks making sure that you have quite a few that are long enough to break into the sizes that you need.


2.) on your paper work space, lay out branches in the shape of a heart. Create any size that you want. (Mine was approx 12 inches tall) Then glue the pieces together with your craft glue and let dry completely.

shape sticks into the shape of a heart

3.) Next, decide what type of design you would like to make inside your heart. (I chose to go with sticks on different directions, but as long as you can secure the sticks you can create whatever design you like.) Begin by gluing the sticks to the edges of the heart.

connect the edges by gluing sticks across

4.) Once your stabilizing sticks are in place and dry, begin to fill in the heart with the rest of your sticks, gluing each one on both ends as you go.

glue sticks in different directions and patterns

5.) Let the glue dry completely.

finished heart ready to dry

6.) Find two places on either side near the top of the heart to tie a string for hanging.

find a stick on either side to loop the string through for hanging

7.) Hang on the wall or prop up where you want to decorate!

final wooden heart

TIP: You can paint this in any color you like as well using spray paint or craft paint!