I always use Annie Sloan for all of my projects.
If it is possible to be in LOVE with inanimate objects
I am definitely in love with Annie Sloan Products.
The paints are perfection and the waxes are like 
the most delicious desserts imaginable. 
But because of the high cost 
( I just bought 1 can of paint & 2 waxes for $102.00 )
I decided to DIY my own version.
The First ingredient is “FLAT” paint.
(not semi-gloss, not satin)
In this case I am doing a red for a boys dresser.

Then you need Calcium Carbonate in powder form,
sometimes found at Whole Foods and 
always on the internet for Cheap! 

The recipe is approx. 1/3 parts chalk powder…

( make smaller batches at a time in a container that can be closed airtight )

And 2/3 Flat Paint.

Stir and stir and stir…

( It actually works better to add the paint first and 
add the powder a little at the time while stirring. )

Keep stirring to get the lumps out . . .

as best you can . . . 

Let it sit a bit and stir some more.
Then PAINT! 

It is no Annie Sloan but it DOES work!!

I will finish this antique dresser and show you the “after” pictures
later on. Good luck making your own chalk paint at home!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse