DIY Kids – Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Roll Craft

Here is a fun craft to do with the littles for Thanksgiving. You may need to order the feathers, but you should have everything else on hand. (If you join Amazon Prime you will enjoy free shipping on any order so you can get the feathers delivered to your door in 2 days. I have had it for years and LOVE the convenience and price.) Kids get excited when they create something and they feel proud of what they accomplished. This is a great craft for kids that they an display over the holiday and be happy about!

What you need: 

How to make:

1.) Cut the paper plate in half.

2.) Set one half aside and on the other side you can draw eyes, beak, a gobbler and feet. Cut these out.

3.) On the paper plate half have child glue feathers in the pattern of a turkey tail. Trim the feathers at the bottom if needed.

4.) Glue the eyes and beak onto the paper roll.

5.) add the gobbler and the feet.

You’re done!

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13 thoughts on “DIY Kids – Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Roll Craft

  1. I totally remember making these as a kid! So much fun, and then we’d decorate the thanksgiving table with them. Can’t wait for my nephews to be old enough to do this with them!

  2. I love preparing arts and craft activities for the kids especially when there’s a special occasion! This turkey is really awesome and fun to make! I’m sure my daughter will love it.

  3. I love this project. If my daughter had been younger we might have done it. Although my daughter might enjoy doing it with other kids. It’s so colorful. It’s awesome.

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