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Most moms love and appreciate flowers but many also suffer from allergies so bad that they are unable to enjoy fresh flowers. Tulips are especially beautiful don’t you think?  Tulips are seasonal for Mother’s Day but they don’t always last long enough, so giving DIY crepe paper tulips is the perfect solution for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! I will show you how to make this easy and fun craft.

DIY Make these easy crepe paper tulips for mother's day - jenny at dapperhouse

What you will need:

  • crepe paper roll in the color you choose (yellow shown)
  • wooden sticks or skewers
  • roll of green floral tape
  • scotch or masking tape
  • floral foam
  • vase
  • filler for vase (dirt shown)

Supplies that you will need to make your DIY mother's Day Crepe Paper Tulips - jenny at dapperhouse


Cut pieces of crepe paper (about 5 – 7 inches long)

Make certain that all your pieces are the same length

You will need at least 7-8 petals per flower.

Learn how to make beautiful crepe paper tulips from jenny at dapperhouse

Take a piece of crepe paper and twist it in half in the center.

Fold it in half with the twist at the top.

Twist the loose ends together to make a section of paper that can attach to the dowel. (see pic below)

How to DIY crepe paper tulip arrangement paper flowers - jenny at dapperhouse

Repeat this process of making petals until you have as many as you need to begin making your bouquet.

TIP: Use as many as it takes to make it look right.

Steps to make DIY crepe paper flowers with jenny at dapperhouse

Take a wooden dowel, two petals and a piece of tape and fasten the petals to one end of the dowel. One at a time, add petals until the flower looks like you want it to.

Take the flower tape and starting it the bottom of the flower, wrap it gently, all the way down the dowel.

How to make DIY tulips from crepe paper for Mothers Day - jenny at dapperhouse

Once you are done, stick the dowel into the flower foam that you have set inside the vase.

Repeat making flowers until you have your bouquet!DIY Crepe Paper Tulips for Mother's Day - jenny at dapperhouse

Want to send flowers but don’t have the cash?

These flowers are super cheap to make and cheap to mail.

Send a beautiful box of tulips to your special person on Mother’s Day.

DIY Make your own crepe paper tulips for a Mother's Day Gift - jenny at dapperhouse

What are you giving for mother’s day?