You know that my son loves 
Art, Cooking, Athletics, Science and so much more. 
Today is a Holiday from school so this morning he is keeping me busy 
with lots of projects and learning.
I learned how to dissect a flower after breakfast. 
This is a fun experiment for you to do with your child.
Get Ready Scientists!

Have you ever looked closely at flowers?
As a scientist, examine some flowers and in your notebook or journal,

draw, sketch or write the similarities and differences you observe.

Here are some parts of flowers that you may or may not have discovered:
Petals – are colorful, soft and brightly colored to attract insects and bugs.
Pistil – as the stalk in the center of the flower.
Stamens – are the stalks surrounding the Pistil.  
Ovary – is the pouch at the bottom of the Pistil.
Anther – is a sac at the top of each stamen.
Pollen – is the sticky stuff or dust on the Anther. 
Sepals – are the small leaves around the bottom of the flower
Seeds – from the ovary travel down the pistil.
Here is a diagram that my son made of the different parts of the flower. . . 
Now draw and label the parts of the flower so that we will
know what the parts are when we dissect the flower.
Take your flower and slowly and gently take it apart.
Put the pieces of the flower where they belong on your diagram,
or put them on a separate paper and label them again!
Now you can teach others the scientific parts of an everyday flower!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse