I am going crazy in my stuffy home in this freezing weather. I am one who loves to have the windows and doors open with fresh air breezing through the house. I also like cleanliness and organization. None of these are happening in my home this winter. I am working more which means that I am cleaning less and piles of stuff are piling up in areas all around the house. For me the only way to combat this is to take one room at a time and give it a thorough cleaning, organizing as I go. I have figured out that my house is lacking appropriate storage solutions . . . the closet and dressers in the bedrooms are just not cutting it. Luckily I have boys with industrial looking decor in their bedrooms so I can get some cool shelves that will hold lots of their toys, books and sporting gear! I can also do this cheaply by getting cool industrial shelves. I will hit the thrift stores for some cool, un-matching containers for their things and the piles around my house will be eliminated. I am going to get some more of these shelves for the storage area in the basement for all the Christmas boxes and my piles of paperwork. I will get a few to line the walls of the garage for the sports equipment and miscellaneous stuff that is lying around.
My boys will have to learn to put their own things away in the bins rather than throw them about the house wherever they may be. I am embarrassed to show you this, but here are bins in the dining room that I use to put my boys’ things that I pick up from around the house!

And this is my foyer!!

Sad isn’t it?
I cant wait for the bins and new shelves so that I can have my dining room back and my life more organized!