One of the biggest fears among Americans is the dentist and/or orthodontist. Many people who need orthodontic treatment for physical reasons or those who just want to fix issues that make them feel self  conscious put it off out of their anxiety and fear. No one should have have to fear an orthodontist. After all, he or she is there to help you with your teeth in professional ways with good bedside manner and of course pain management when necessary. If you are nervous about your next orthodontist appointment, here are some facts to make your appointment easier.

Your Orthodontist Cares

If you are referred for orthodontic treatment, it is important to remember that the orthodontist cares about you. He or she wants to ensure that you have the smile that you deserve. If you have fears or concerns, then he or she will likely have a conversation with you about them. An orthodontist can help to not only ease your fear but to educate you on the procedures that have to be done.

You Won’t Experience Severe Pain

Whenever someone goes to the dentist or orthodontist, his or her biggest fear is the pain. When you receive orthodontist care, you should not feel pain. Technology has advanced so much that the orthodontists have access to different types of painkillers and numbing agents. When it comes to pain, you should not be experiencing anything more than mild discomfort. If you do begin to feel pain, then you should discuss it with your orthodontist right away. Some people require more numbing agents.

You Will Have a Winning Smile

Orthodontists can fix misaligned teeth and overbites. When you go to an orthodontist, this usually means that your teeth are not straight or that they need an alignment fix. Don’t let the fear of the orthodontist supersede your smile.

Try to think about the results of your appointment and any subsequent appointments. What can you gain from it? Teeth can seriously affect your self-confidence. You may catch yourself unable to smile for photos or fearing conversations with strangers because they may judge you on how straight your teeth are. While people may not be paying any attention to your teeth, it can still cause you to be self-conscious.

To go to an orthodontist should always outweigh your nervousness. It is completely normal to be nervous about an orthodontist or dentist appointment. You may even find that you aren’t the only one with that fear. There are ways, however, to worry less about the dentist. Remember that there are benefits and that many of your fears may be myths. For instance, orthodontist appointments are not painful.