Do you have a website but are unsure of how to stand out from the competition? If so, we are here to help by telling you a few creative website ideas that will make your site pop and even have visitors staying longer. To see what creative ideas you can use to make your site stand out from the competition keep reading below. 

Make It Look Clean

Website design is ever-changing and in recent years a clean and modern look has been the trend. Even though most websites may have this look, it works because it’s one of the best creative website ideas around.

When a customer visits your website you want them to navigate it with ease and to be pleased with the way the site is laid out. Having a minimal design will do this and help your sales to skyrocket.

With a clean and modern design, you should be using easy to read fonts and a flat aesthetic. This website will have more of a formal feel but can easily be changed by the colors and photos you choose to include. 

Place Videos Around Your Site

Placing videos around your website is a great way to make it interactive and informative. Plus, you will get kudos with the visitors that don’t feel like reading since they can just listen to you talk. 

Placing videos around your site is a great creative way to show the office or to even show the process of your content from beginning to end. Keep in mind that your videos shouldn’t be placed on auto-play. This quickly becomes annoying and may turn people away from your site. 

Make Sure Visitors Want More 

When someone comes to visit your site you’re going to want them to keep scrolling and clicking on content. One great way to achieve this to leave the viewer wanting more from the moment they land on your homepage.

Having a homepage that is simple and doesn’t provide a lot of information is a great way to have visitors wanting more from your site. Keep in mind that even though the homepage may not have a lot of information it should be intriguing.

From here make sure your navigation is simple and easy to find. The visitor will start clicking through your pages to see what your website is about and what content you have to offer. 

Content Is Important

If your site is up and running to help you sell products then your products should be the star of your page. This even goes for graphic designers and bloggers, your original content should be the shining star of your site.

When someone visits your page to purchase a product, to see your portfolio, or to read your new viral blog post they should be able to find it. This means your website should be easy to navigate and your content should be right on the home page.

Some website builders will place the newest content on the front page so visitors can easily see what’s new. Others will put top-rated content on the page such as blogs you’re known for or even best-selling products. No matter what you decide to place on the homepage of your site make sure it’s related to the content you’re trying to sell or promote. 

Use Animations

Having animations on your webpage will capture the eye of the viewer and most likely make them stay on your site longer. Animations will help draw the visitor’s eyes to important parts of the page and help them to become more interested in what you have to say.

Having artists create animations for your webpage can become costly, but there is an easier way. You can easily create animated gif files to place on your page. These can be taken from videos and help to highlight certain information or even be used to add a bit of humor to the page. 

Have An Interactive Site

One of the best ways to engage visitors on your site is to have them interact with it. Creating a website that’s interactive will help people to become engaged with the information your conveying and keep them on your site for a good bit of time.

If you have no idea where to begin with your interactive site, you should start simple and expand from there. Start with having links to change the layout of the homepage. From there place iterative buttons that provide information or even little games. 

Create Your Own Illustrations

If you have an informative website then you know that diagrams are going to have to be included on your pages. You have the option of gaining permission from already made diagrams to include on your site or you can create them yourself.

Creating your own diagrams may seem time-consuming but it’s worth it. Having your own diagram will help you to stand out, especially if you let others use your masterpiece. 

Creating even your own cartoons or other illustrations for your page will help you to develop your brand even farther. Keep in mind that the illustrations and diagrams should all have the same color scheme and feel so it can easily be tied to your brand.

Use Colors to Pop

If you feel as if a clean and modern look isn’t the right way to go for your brand then try using colors. If you have a big personality and want it to show or have a brand that’s fun, using colors is a great way to convey this to any visitor.

Colors can be bright or even pastel. They will pop and can be used to highlight important content or information you want visitors to see.

Now You Know the Top Creative Website Ideas

From using colors to make your website pop to creating your own graphics, you now know some of the top creative website ideas to make your website unforgettable. We look forward to seeing what creative ideas you use in your site to make your visitors stay longer. For more website design tips be sure to check out the rest of our website.