Have you got the kitchen cabinets, furniture and wardrobes for your home? Well, there’s one element that the home decorators urge upon- the curtains. These are one of the aspects of home decor that you indeed ignore. The window screens are the crucial parts of the home decor that set the room’s tone. It is a matter of lining and length, fabric and colour, off-the-shelf versus custom-made. 

The possibilities for choosing the curtains are endless. From prints to solid colours, breezy and light, sheer fabrics to opaque textiles- the homeowners have diverse options to present a lively and cozy look to their homes. And, this wide choice often leads to confusion. Now that you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are some pros for narrowing down the options for choosing the right ones for your home. Can’t wait to know these? Well, stick onto us while we unveil some:

  • Know the difference between Curtains and Drapes:

The very first step with choosing the same rests with figuring out your room requirements. Often, the homeowners choose blinds, drapes, shades and curtains without knowing the differences amongst these. And, the wrong choice can lead to sunlight interference in your room. Curtains are the fabric panels that employ making from light materials and have hangings from the rods. These accessories find their usage in the living rooms- owing to privacy purposes. Drapes, on the other hand, are thick materials. These work well in blocking the sunlight and are the most ideal for bedrooms. 

  • Select your style:

The first and foremost thing lies with knowing your style. Are you a person who prefers a living room with a cozy ambience or do you like the air sheers? Do you wish to have light for making the living room bright? Does neutral colours, linen texture fit your style, or does the bold statement suit your style?

Home decoration professionals suggest dwelling into a pool of knowledge and research. For instance, when visiting VisionBedding, you can always look in for ideas for curtains’ personalization, if you’re eyeing at something like that. You can gather the design tips from Pinterest, Netflix series, home decor magazines, online resources, or take some references from your friends’ homes. However, before embarking upon the shopping journey, never indulge in too much hurry. Adequate research is the key!

  • Colour and Fabric:

One of the essential parts of making an ideal choice rests with fabric. The material is known to dictate the functionality and hold up these over time. Pro designers exclaim that heavy window hangings do not fold crisply. Thus, they suggest pleating the same as an accordion at the very top and enable its draping. It would help if you also considered that the fabric doesn’t fade with time. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, avoiding bright colours can be your way out. Silk, velvet, linen, faux silk are some of the worth-considering materials for window treatments. We say so because these are known to hang the best. 

Interiors that Reflect your Style

Pleat types, curtain fullness, length and lining, washer machine friendliness versus dry-cleaning only are of the many things that should be on your mind. Note that it all comes to knowing what you like the most. You can also talk to an expert for finding out the hangings that work the best for you. Hoping these tips could help you feel comfortable choosing the curtains that work well with your furniture, style, and budget.