Trying to get your finances in order is usually the first thing to do in 2018. It’s a new year, a new month and a whole new chance to get yourself on the straight and narrow when it comes to the way you spend money. There is nothing wrong with being a little savvy with frugal living, and if you can save yourself cash and not spend over the odds, then why wouldn’t you make savings? We’ve got some clever ways that you can save some money, so that next time the bills come rolling in, you don’t feel down in the dumps!

Go Online

Paperless billing is all the rage right now, as we can save money on our bills simply by jumping online. Whether you are a smartphone user or have a laptop, as long as you have an internet connection, you can pay bills. It doesn’t make for massive savings, but over the course of a year you could have saved up to £300.

Package Deal

Getting your internet, TV and phone bills put together in a package with Optimum means that you can make huge savings through the year. Paying one company for your TV package cuts the confusion of paying several, and you can also save money by having a package deal instead of three different deals.

Question Loyalty

Sometimes, paying bills is not better the devil you know. Staying loyal to one provider simply because you know how to handle that company and you know the service you are getting can be a trap. Companies like to add onto their prices and half the time, people won’t switch because they’ve been with a company for a long time. You have to look at the bigger picture and choose the best deal and the best service, not just one.

Swap And Save

Half the time, you can get a massive saving by swapping your current contract. Read the small print of your phone contract and see what the company you are with are currently offering other customers. Call your provider and haggle with them to see whether you can get the same deal that they are offering new customers. After all, you are incredibly loyal to be with them, they should thank you for that!

Install Meters

One of the biggest issues with spending on your bills is that you don’t actually know what you are spending your cash on. Installing gas, electric and water meters into a home means you are able to keep a closer eye on when you are spending more money in the day time. Find reputable companies like corpus christi electricity providers to get good rates. It’s easy to leave the lights on if you can’t see the dollar signs rolling before your eyes!

These little tricks to cut your outgoings are going to do you a huge favor when you want to save up for that new pair of shoes or that amazing vacation that you spotted online. There’s nothing wrong with making cuts if you benefit from them in the end!