I have energy drinks on my mind right now because 
I have had so little sleep in the past two days. 
We live about 30 or more minutes form the airport (with no traffic). 
I have been shuttling my husband and youngest son back and forth 
for two days trying to get them on their standby flights 
to a final destination to Hawaii. 
(Yesterday was two ways in Rush hour – UGH). 
They tried to go Chicago to Arizona, Chicago to Las Vegas,
even Chicago to Charlotte, 
but spent hours in the airport only to be bumped down in seniority 
and having to come home and try again later. 
Happily they made it out this morning after I took them back to 
O’Hare Airport at 3:30 this morning. 
They Skyped me when they got to Arizona and now they are off to Hawaii 
for a fun Daddy and Son Vacay 
while my teen son and I stay here to take care of business.
No break for us right now. 
SO Not only have I been missing a lot of sleep, 
I am writing this post having been up for eight hours on 
4 hours sleep for the past 30 some hours. 
Since 3 am I have been nursing my Starbucks Breakfast Blend 
that I keep brewing here at home, but I have so much to do today 
and I have to get going. I can just stay like this – being tired with the shakes! 

(caught dozing in between pages loading) 

This is why, although I am really contemplating an energy drink, 
I think I will stick to carbohydrates and liquid B vitamins
This is the safe and natural way to go!

The carbs are fuel and the B vitamins will assist my body in the conversion 
of the carb foods into energy. 
It is already eleven in the morning here and I am losing hours
 that I need to be productive.
SO, Although you all know that I do NOT like to cook, 
I am going to go boil some thick oats with soy milk 
and take my vitamins! 
I have furniture to refinish and blogging to do! 

(Look at those Bags under MY Eyes! 
Oh God I am so Tired)

Do the energy drinks work for you??
I am curious…please give me some tips in the comment section :0)   

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse