Did you know that I finally 
Completed the Graduate Program Last Month?

I earned a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education !

Yay ME!

My Bachelor’s Degree is in Business Management,
which means that when I wanted to earn a Teaching Certification,
 I had many undergraduate requirements to satisfy 
before I could begin my Masters Program. 

I was back at Community College for a couple of years.

I love learning so I didn’t mind having to take extra classes, 
but I was DREADING Having to Buy BOOKS!

The Academic School Buy Back Situation is just 
“one of those things” 
in life that we know we are going to get ripped off and that there
is nothing we can do about it.  

I am all about Finding Deals AND I find most of them online…
So of course I found the best solution to this problem. 

Campus Book Rentals is my favorite company to use because
they have saved me the most money.
They are also convenient and saved me tons of time.

Renting from them always saved me
40-90% off 
of regular bookstore prices.

I could choose my own flexible rental time 
depending on the length 
of my classes.

Campus Book Rentals gave me FREE Shipping both ways…
I just put the book in the box when I was done and dropped it off to the mail! 
Easy Peasy!

Check out the actual deal I got on this textbook…

CHECK OUT the Numbers…


That is a $46 savings on the rental
and $90 buying the book!

And this is only on ONE BOOK!

  literally saved me

THOUSANDS of Dollars!

You know that social service and taking action to make a 
positive impact in the world is also important to me.   

So I was even MORE excited about the fact that Campus Book Rentals Donates 
money to Operation Smile for Every Text book Rented. 
They have Saved Lives and Changed Lives. 
We contribute just by renting textbooks from a good company at great prices!

Watch This FUNNY Video! You will LOVE IT! 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse