In a post from Monday I mentioned that I had been looking for empty frame configurations for two spaces in my home. (remember that I found porn in my “empty decorative frame” search so I made an Ask For It for G – rated searches)
The concept of empty frame groupings is not a new subject, but it IS a HOT decorating trend, and I have to get my bare walls Glamorized. I dont want bare frames…just empty frames with some things here and there to “fill” them.  So here are a few pictures that struck me at first glance….

   Apartment Therapy of course has the best ideas…
I could showcase little things set ON the frames like this.
I could use them this same way to display Holiday cards,
birth announcements..etc. ??
  Do you think that idea is too…um…busy?
 How about this simpicity?
What do you think?
Two different ideas to start with.
My home is mustard yellow walls, white wainscoting and black accenting in the rugs and such. My lovely neighbor is re-doing her home and GAVE me a gorgeous set of antique furniture for my living room. It is white with yellow floral design and I LOVE the style. My point is, that I have a lot of leeway in the colors I can do! I will post ideas as I have them and I hope you will post your comments as I go help me decide what to do. I would appreciate it!
        Yes dapper people, I know I dont have shelves,
but isnt this a great space!
I found it on The Beautiful Shelter.


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse