Having fresh ideas to keep your kids occupied on rainy days can definitely prove to be a challenge! Instead of falling back on the same activities, grab some crafting tools and take a look at some of our favorite arts and crafts ideas for a rainy day. You’re sure to find fun new ideas for the kiddos to do solo, or something entertaining for the whole family. Take a look!

1.Make Your Own Paper Village

Source: Inner Child Fun

Grab a stack of printer paper or colored cardstock and let your child get to work on creating their own miniature village! This creates an opportunity for them to think big and be as creative as possible, prompting them to use their imagination and artistry. In addition to little buildings, they could add people, animals, cars, parks, shrubbery, etc. This fun art project has the potential to take up a good portion of that rainy day!

2. Homemade Pom Poms

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Have some extra yarn laying around? Consider using it to let your child make some homemade pom poms. No store-bought tools needed, and it is very easy to make your own homemade template out of an empty cereal box. This is a craft that is very easy to do while watching a movie or listening to an audiobook, so let your little one get comfy while doing this craft. Once they have all those pom poms made, consider another craft to use them for, like a wreath or wall hanging!

3. Write a Group Story

Source: TheSchoolRun

Gather the family together and write a story together! Grab a pad of paper, pencil and have everyone sit in a circle. Start with the words “Once Upon a Time”, pass the paper to the next person and then have them choose what the next line in the story will be, but only one line! Keep passing the paper around the circle until you’ve filled up the page. See how crazy the story can get by the time you’re done!

4. Big Box Play

Source: Pinterest

Have you recently purchased something that was delivered in a rather large box? Consider repurposing it as your child’s next art canvas! Load them up with plenty of markers and crayons, and let them get to work. They could create a tiny town, a racetrack, a playhouse, a castle, a car or airplane, the options are endless. Let their creativity pave the way in this open-ended craft idea.

5. Make Believe & Dress Up Games

Source: Presley Couture

Settling in to a game of make believe is a classic option that has provided countless hours of play throughout the years. Prompt your children to play house, pulling out the play kitchen and baby dolls. Or maybe they want to play princes and princesses, and you find that bin of dress up clothes and mouse ears. This is a wonderful way to let all your kids play together and use their imaginations to create their own little world.

6. Bake Something Tasty

Source: Betty Crocker

Cold, rainy days always seem a little more manageable when you have a warm treat in your hands. Let your kids help you choose something sweet to make, and have them help you prepare it. Even toddlers can help! Guide their hands as they dump the measuring cup of flour or chocolate chips into the bowl. It doesn’t have to be complicated, a batch of chocolate chip cookies or a pan of brownies is sure to satisfy!

7. Paint with Food

Source: Pinterest

Take advantage of some of your natural resources and see what fun can be had by painting with food. Let your children discover what kind of design the end of an asparagus or piece of celery can make, or what it would be like if you used a lemon wedge to paint. You’re not only limited to fruits and vegetables-venture into the pantry and try painting with pasta, crackers, and even bread. Get creative and see what masterpieces can be made!

8. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Source: Pinterest

A simple search on the web will bring up loads of ideas for toilet paper roll crafts, from unicorns to space ships to a wide assortment of adorable animals or even a fun Christmas or Halloween project. Pull out your craft supplies and let them get to work on creating their own toilet paper roll masterpieces! You may find yourself saving every toilet paper roll in the house for this super fun and simple craft.

9. Indoor Mini Golf Course

Source: Golfious

See how creative and innovative your kids can be by prompting them to try making an at home, indoor mini golf course! You don’t need any fancy supplies, just some items from around the house. A couple things you could incorporate are Legos, cups, bowls, plates, silverware, construction paper, straws, tape, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, feathers, stuffed animals, pool noodles, toilet paper rolls (another reason to save those!), and so much more. See who can get a hole in one!

10. Blanket Fort

Source: Children’s Outlet

There is nothing more classic on a rainy day than building a blanket fort. Gather the biggest blankets you have in the house, some kitchen chairs, and plenty of couch cushions and pillows and create a comfy, cozy hideaway. If you’re feeling extra fancy, set up a lamp or a string of lights inside and grab a pole to prop the blankets up where they always seem to dip in the middle. Pop a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie together, or have a reading marathon!

11. Painted Rocks

Source: YouTube

Have everyone throw on their raincoats and head outside to do a quick search for the perfect rocks to paint. Prompt your child to consider how to paint the rock based on how it’s shaped. For example, if they’ve found a perfect circle, maybe paint a sun or a cut lime. If it’s long and narrow, maybe it’s the perfect shape for a snake or a lizard. Let their creativity spark with this easy craft!

12. Shrinky Dinks

Source: Alex Toys

If your child is a lover of all things tiny, this is the perfect rainy day craft for them! Shrinky Dinks are a tried and true activity that is sure to keep your little ones busy for hours. Make bracelets, necklaces, keychains, or make these miniature pieces of art just for fun. Be sure to help keep everyone safe near the stove, and turn on the oven light so that they can watch their masterpieces transform!

13. Make Your Own Board Game

Source: Pinterest

Is everyone getting a little worn out with the games currently taking up space in the game closet? Consider letting your child create their own board game! Encourage them to use supplies that you already have around the house, such as dice, simple cards from other games (for example Candy Land or face cards), number spinners, etc. The rest is left up to their imagination, from game play to rules to how to win.

14. Homemade Slime or Play Dough 

Source: I Heart Naptime

Become the coolest parent ever by whipping up a batch of homemade play dough or slime for your kids. The ingredients are inexpensive and typically already in the house, and both the play dough and the slime are easily customizable. Add food coloring, sparkles, small toys, beads, and more to make it their own. Pro tip: have them mold their creations on a cookie sheet. That way, you won’t find yourself peeling dough and slime off the table!

15. Pipe Cleaner Projects

Source: Cirkus

Get creative with some pipe cleaner art projects! Top your pencils with some cute animals or insects, create vibrant and funky jewelry, make a crown or a pair of glasses, or even a car or train. This is a fun and extremely cheap project, so stock up on some pipe cleaners the next time you’re at the dollar store!

You’re All Set For A Rainy Day!

The next time you see rain in the forecast, don’t stress- you can now be prepared with a craft or two up your sleeve! Fun and creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t stop just because the sun isn’t out. Take note of the activities you think your children would enjoy most and get ready with some fun arts and crafts for that next rainy day!