After a very mild winter we have been getting some more serious weather here in Chicago. The kids here have been begging for snow to play in so that winter will be worth it. We got a lot of snow from the outskirts of Nemo passing by but the kids are so disappointed because after a rainfall and today with the temperature in the 40’s sunny and beautiful, the snow is melting away. I didnt even get to make a snowman with my son yet and it is almost gone! Here are some pictures of the beautiful and FUN winter weather. 
Before the snow we had many freezes. 
Here is a picture of my recycle can that I tried to crack open but it was frozen shut. 
We also had many days of slush and freezing rain. 
We finally got snow and the kids wereSO EXCITED and happy.  
( My son the snow hugger. )
The kids also took fresh snow and added juice to make big bowls 
of snow cones…and they ate it outside in the freezing cold! 

Here is is beginning of my son’s stash for a friendly neighborhood snowball fight.


There has been a lot of snow boarding and sledding too!

My teenager and his friend were playing basketball and left their watches on the hoop. 
They were frozen solid but still worked!
We got a picture from a friend in Boston who was hit by the big storm and it was up over his doors so that he is stuck inside his home unable to drive or walk anywhere in the deep snow. I am so grateful that we in Chicago only got enough to be safe and FUN. I am certain I would freak out and be so scared by a snowfall that large as they had in the East. 
How is the weather in your area? 
Do you have snow? I will post a pic if you send me one (and the name to use with the picture)
Just send it to!

Here is a link to my friend’s post about the NEMO Storm hitting her Home. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse