Christmas 2020 maybe a festive season, unlike many of the others before it. If you want to scrap the stress of traditional gift-giving this Christmas and instead create a much more meaningful experience for your family, here are some of the top alternatives to gift-giving that your loved ones will want to do every single year to come.

  • Give Money to Charity

Rather than spend a lot of money on things that your family does not need, you should instead give the money that you would usually spend on gifts to a charity. This can help people in need not only just at Christmas but throughout the year. However, if you still want to simulate the gift-giving experience and are considering what to do for holiday donations, you should consider gifting a holiday donation in a loved one’s name. This can help your loved one to make a real difference to a cause that they care about this Christmas.

  • Spend Time Together

However, a much better way to show that you care than giving your family gifts is to spend time together. Giving your time rather than a gift to your family is an excellent way to make the most of Christmas, rather than simply enjoying an exciting couple of minutes while your loved one’s open presents. To spend time together, you should arrange a day trip at a later date, go on a Christmas getaway, or simply arrange to spend the festive period at a loved one’s home. If you are unable to do this due to restrictions, you should set up a digital Christmas. 

  • Stop Gifting Completely

There is a certain freedom that comes with not giving gifts entirely, though. Once your kids reach a certain age, you should discuss your gift-giving outlook with other relatives and come to an agreement about whether you should stop giving presents during the festive season. This can help you to then focus on the elements of Christmas that are important, such as love and spirituality if you are religious. 

  • Exchange or Swap Something Else

You do not have to swap gifts to have a great Christmas together, though. Rather than exchange gifts, you should consider giving poems that you have written or family recipes to your loved ones, which they can treasure for a long time. You might also consider hosting a swap of clothing, books, or toys which can allow your loved ones to get something new without needlessly spending out. 

  • Cook a Feast Together

There is no better gift, though than a great meal. To combine your Christmas dinner with spending time together, you should all chip in, in any way that you can, such as each person cooking or bringing a certain food and swapping your turns at the oven. This will then allow you to cook a feast that is made with love, and that will make you forget all about the lack of presents around the tree.