Having aging parents and family members means 
us having to manage their increased care. 
This naturally leads to us getting 
more personal about their habits and other issues.
For example, an aging relative who maintains a 
certain decorum may not like anyone to know that 
they secretly purchase unhealthy
foods or gossip magazines. 
But when they rely on us for transportation to the 
store and assistance with shopping, 
we are bound to see their purchases.
An aging parent or family member who is used to 
being independent may feel intimidated and exposed 
about requiring help with tending
to medical issues and personal hygiene. 
Bladder control is one such issue that
commonly arises and can be uncomfortable to address.
Aging parents and family members need to know 
that they are loved and respected no matter what their issues, 
and that we are here to fill their needs without judgement.
There need not be a hurtful stigma from incontinence.
Adult diapers allow our elderly friends to enjoy freedom
from embarrassment and stress while living a normal life. 
Compare it to a bandage for a wound, feminine products 
or deodorant; merely a solution to one of many
of  life’s normal situations! 
We need to figure out ways to ensure some amount of privacy 
and dignity for our elderly friends and family
when their need for care increases. 
Being direct, caring and non-judgmental are 
keys to success when treading new territory into 
the personal life of an aging parent.