If you follow my blog you know that I am Crazy for Lego’s.  I often say how grateful I am that I have a son who loves them too so that I am not caught at home building with kid’s toys. Today we went to the Lego Store because my son had Christmas money to spend. He has been wanting one of the Bat Man sets after watching the latest movie. We had looked at a couple local stores yesterday but the Bat Man sets were sold out so we made the drive to the actual Lego store. And guess what? They were sold out of the sets there too!! But the magic of the Lego Store is powerful and my son found two cool Lego City sets with cool vehicles.

Here are some FUN pictures of the store. . .

My son has really been into the Lego Architecture Series lately and here are some of the ones he has completed. . .

Big Ben
The White House

The Empire State Building
And my son has the Seattle Space Needle as well. 
While at the store my husband and I were enthralled looking at the other Architecture sets that we do not yet have. Since I write so much about how great Legos are, I was inspired to buy a set for the giveaway and my son recommended buying the Seattle Space Needle. So , 
This is the LEGO SET that you can enter to WIN!

READY to Enter?
The giveaway will run from 1/6/13 to 1/13/13
Enter on the rafflecopter at the giveaway Page for this Event.

Good Luck my dapper friends!

*don’t forget to check back every 2 weeks while I do more amazing giveaway for kids!*       

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse