A BIG Thank You to the moms that did the Halloween/Fall Party in my son’s school class this year. Look at this very Cool Idea for an Autumn. luminary that they did as a craft with the children. It is a clear plastic cup with real Fall leaves and a battery powered flame-less candle inside. Here is the How to on the DIY!
First, use a plain piece of paper to make a pattern that fist inside the cup.
Second, use this pattern to cut out the desired number of
contact paper pieces to stick the leaves to.
Third, have the kids collect small leaves
(or collect the leaves ahead of time)
Fourth, have the children peel the back from the clear contact paper
and arrange the leaves on the sticky side making sure to
leave some clear spaces in between.
Fifth, have the kids bring their designs over to the
 large roll of contact paper and press it down so
that the two sticky sides are together.
Sixth, have the child cut around the second piece
so that it fits inside the cup.
Seventh, add sand (or in this case paper strips)
 in the bottom with a tea light flame-less candle and you are done!
Variations on this of course would be instead of leaves:
flat, holiday themed sequins, sketches/drawings,
photos printed on thin regular printer paper,
stickers on the outside of the cup…
What other ideas do you have to make a cool version of this craft?
Share it in the comment section with our dapper friends.