I really do not like giving out candy at Halloween. 
Yeah, yeah, I know…you think I’m the house that will get egged. 
But it isnt like I am giving out toothbrushes and apples…
I just think that there are some great options to candy
 that kids will LOVE 
and that will save us money in the process too. 
Seriously, Halloween Candy Is PRICEY!
And what parent is immune from eating more than their share?

Look at us, Steaing from our little children for a chocolate fix…
it is shameful.

So, avoid it all together and create a win-win this season.  
Here are some cheaper options for some fun that will 
last awhile longer than a 
Not so”Fun” Sized Something or Other.
Oriental Trading Catalog 
is a Wonderful Resource for this type of thing…
Check out the deals I found there:
Glow in the Dark Vampire Teeth 
72 pairs for $5.00
Ends up being .07 cents apiece!!!
And the added benefit to this is that when
you are handing out candy, you cant just give one piece
or you are being stingy…you have to give out a 
few pieces or a handful to each child…with the fake fangs
each person only needs one pair so you save even more!
72 Glitter Sticky Hands for $7
These are .10 cents apiece…
but my children beg for these in the candy machines
in the front of stores and it costs me .50 cents apiece. 
Kids LOVE these!!
22 inch Glow Necklaces in Assorted Colors
Kids LOVE these too…
50 for $20 =  .40 cents apiece
50 asst. colors glow bracelets for $8.00
making them .16 cents!
and again you only have to give 1 out per child!


A friend of mine named Sara gave me one of these Pipe Cleaner Rings 
 for my birthday and I have
been making them ever since.
I LOVE these! 
These would be a great Trick-or-Treat for Girls!

    You can see the Martha Stewart tutorial HERE 

   What about the Boys?
    How about Temporary Tattoos?
Here you can get varieties of themes.
This one is Pirates and you get 50 for $5.
Cut them up into individual tattoos and you are at .10 cents apiece!
This is good for girls too. 
Kids LOVE temporary tattoos.
By saving money and being Unique, 
you will be the “cool” house
for Trick-or-Treat 
and you will avoid giving out (Expensive) unhealthy Candy.
(and avoid eating it yourself!)
       Happy Halloween.     


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse