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5 Ways to be a Positive Thinker
When we are upset about something it may feel extremely impossible to control our thinking in that moment. But what about being happier and more confident overall? Happiness has been researched to not only be a result of our circumstances but a combination of circumstance and our own choice! While it may be difficult to be a positive thinker at first, the good news is that it is far from impossible and today we I am sharing 5 tricks to be a more positive thinker.

5 Ways to be a more positive thinker - jenny at dapperhouse
Be Consciously Aware
Positive thinkers aren’t always happy go lucky, they aren’t always whistling a happy tune, but they do have one thing in common – they are consciously aware of the thoughts their brain brings to the surface. The average person doesn’t even realize the negative thoughts have surfaced, but a positive thinker hears those thoughts, recognizes them and quickly rises above them. Learning to be more aware of your thoughts and moving beyond the negative thought pattern, quickly, means that you are practicing the biggest trick to be a positive thinker.
Feed Positive Things
Learning to surround yourself with positive people, positive quotes and other inspiring messages all day long is a great trick to be a positive thinker. When you do things that make you feel good, when you have friends who are optimistic, and when you have décor in your home that feeds positive feelings then you are mastering the second trick to be a positive thinker. Most positive thinkers make a conscious effort in making sure that their environment hails positivity.
Feel the Desire to be Positive
Think this is easier said than done? It’s not, trust me! Take responsibility of feeling the desire to be a positive thinker, in order to be successful in transitioning to be a positive thinker you must feel the desire to be this person deep within your soul. It might not be easy at first but with consistent effort it can be your new way of thinking and feeling. The other portion of this desire to be positive is learning to admit and accept when things go wrong or you made a bad decision. Be quick to admit your wrong and move on, towards growing as a better person for tomorrow. Positive thinkers are always working on being a better person today than they were yesterday.
Stop Over Thinking
Combined with the trick to feel the desire to be positive comes this trick to stop over thinking! Yes, over thinking happens to the best of us, but with positive thinkers they have learned to overcome this initial emotional response and take things for what they are. When you over think a situation or decision you are opening the gates for negativity to come rushing in, and that won’t assist in being a positive thinker. Learn to redirect your thoughts to focus on the facts of a situation, versus what your emotions are pulling you to think.
Be Nice
Last but certainly not least, just be nice. It really is that simple. Learn to be nice to other people and to your own self. Practice saying nice things about yourself out loud as well as in the mirror each morning, once you start being nice on a regular basis, positive thinking will occur naturally. Starting your day off being nice to yourself and continuing on to be nice to others throughout the day simply puts your soul at a positive place and in turn creates positive thinking skills without much effort.
There you have it, 5 tricks to be a positive thinker. While they may seem difficult at first, once you start to practice each of these tricks on a regular basis, you will become a positive thinker naturally. Practice makes perfect and you really can change the direction of your own feelings and positivity.

What are your personal tips for becoming a more positive thinker?