A harmonious relationship with the spaces we inhabit is a key component of our happiness. To feel at home in a place takes more than just signing a rental contract. It takes a lot of care and attention to details to transform a house into a sanctuary where you can feel at your best, with positive energies flowing in and out and your inner life thoroughly engaged with the outside world. We can help you in this mission with the following tips.

1. Create an Outdoor Space

Whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony, a well-designed outdoor space is a great addition to your home. Design a nice seating area where you can have a coffee, dine, do your daily yoga or engage in relaxing activities like reading. Add potted plants and herbs. Find fountains for your outdoor space to recreate the peaceful harmony of a natural environment.  Running water has a great restorative effect on our minds, just like natural light or vegetation.

2.    Add Natural Elements

To enhance the potential of both outdoor and indoor spaces, consider adding natural elements suited for each room or quarter. Add plants, decorative lighting, wood furniture, clay pots and decorations or beautiful stones or stone sculptures in your home to imitate the natural textures and colours of nature. These contribute to feelings of tranquillity and harmony in a way that some modern design trends simply cannot.

3.    Have Well-Designated Spaces for Each Activity

It’s good for our productivity and mental health to have well-designated spaces for each daily activity. No matter how small your home is, establish some rules regarding what you allow yourself to do in each quarter. Don’t work from your bed or eat at your work desk. Design each space to benefit the predominant activity you perform there. These spatial boundaries will help you navigate daily activities better.

4.    Combine Practicality with Aesthetics

To feel good in your home, a beautiful design that speaks to your heart is important, but not enough. You also need to ensure that the design makes daily activities convenient and easy. Choose items for your home that are both beautiful and practical. Don’t neglect one aspect to the benefit of the other. This harmony between aesthetics and practicality in interior design will increase your levels of mental comfort. It’s good to know that every object in your home has a specific role and it’s not just there to fill up space.

5.    Keep it Clean and Organized

Your home is the sanctuary where you retreat to charge your batteries, relax, and dream new adventures. Unfortunately, a busy schedule makes many people prone to accepting to live in messy and disorganized environments, neglecting the negative effects that clutter and mess have on the brain. To not fall into this trap, remove items that aren’t useful and focus on having around only a few quality items that you use regularly or which have high emotional or aesthetic value.

       Your home can be your personal sanctuary where you have all the elements that you love and which inspire you to live your best life. Some simple design tweaks can go a long way in transforming any space into a familiar, secure and inspiring setup.