Ever notice how “Mommy Time” is so hard to find? That is because you have to MAKE time not try find some extra time just hanging around in your schedule waiting to be filled up with something selfish. I can’t even “find” a clean spoon in my house to eat a fast cup of yogurt for dinner in the car between carpool destinations! (Although I am certain to find an old spork underneath a seat in my SUV). And you are rolling your eyes asking me “Oh okay genius, how do I make some time for myself as a mom”? Well skeptic, I am going to tell you how.


5 Ways to Make Some Alone Time for Mommy

1. Take a Vacation at the Pump – My sister has a toddler, a baby and one on the way. Hers are high energy and non-stop children. She makes Mommy time by pumping gas. My sister says that for the little crumb of time that she is filling her tank it is like a paradise vacation. She does have to close her eyes and envision the sound of traffic as soothing waves lapping at the shore (don’t mind the screams coming from inside the car).

vacation at the pump


2. Take a Shower – Ha Ha HA!!! You didn’t think I meant to actually take a shower did you? Of course not. . .every mom knows that taking a shower is the second most interrupted activity after going to the bathroom and before talking on the phone. What I like to do is use a white noise machine and put it on the other side of the locked bathroom door. Then I go and hide somewhere for 10 minutes and enjoy the break. I RARELY get interrupted because every one of the kids is screaming and fighting one another to be the first to bang down the bathroom door! Genius? Yes, it is.

shower alone

3. Receive a Major Award – That’s right my friend! While the children are running around like crazies decreasing your life span by elevating your blood pressure, make a list of the things that you are great at doing. Make sure that the list contains things that your significant other has grown used to or doesn’t appreciate. Take a look at your list and decide what you should win an award for. Cooking? Clever money saving secrets? Most Radiant Smile in Your State? Google “print free certificates” and find a place to fill in and print out a professional looking award for your talent. Then tell your spouse that he must watch the kids while you go to receive an award from an online contest that one of your friends entered you in. You can get a night out and some extra appreciation too! This is a small white lie that worked wonders for me to catch a quick and stylish snooze in the back of the library for 40 minutes wearing a gown and an updo!! ( You can DIY and actual trophy from a thrift store like I did if you are feeling crafty – tutorial to come later)