Moving day doesn’t need to be as stressful as they say. If you’re organized ahead of time it can even be a breeze. Moving house as a family gives you the chance to start fresh together and it’s the first step of a new adventure. Once you’ve got the packing out of the way, you can enjoy decorating your new place and checking out your new neighborhood. Here are a few tips to ensure your moving day goes smoothly.

Book the right equipment in advance

If you’re booking movers, get in touch with them ahead of time so that you can agree on an appropriate date and time. If you’re hiring a truck to help you move instead, ensure you book this in advance as well. If you’re using your own truck you might also want to carry out necessary maintenance checks before the move. You can use one of these Truck Lift and Leveling Kits to help you.

Consider arranging utilities ahead of time

One of the factors to consider before moving is the cost of utilities. You could arrange these before you move. Contact your energy provider and book an appointment to have WiFi set up. This way you’ll have everything you need when you move in. With many people working from home nowadays, it’s difficult to survive without WiFi at home. It can take a couple of weeks to install as well, so it’s worth planning this in advance.

Prepare a moving day survival kit

Pack a moving day survival kit. This could be a box with all the essentials you need such as toiletries, basic kitchenware, a change of clothes, and important documents. Keep this box accessible at all times and clearly labelled. This way you won’t have to rush to unpack as you’ll have all the essentials. You can then take your time organizing the other boxes. 

Be mindful of how you pack and unpack

Be mindful of how you pack and pack. It’s a good idea to do this room by room. Go through your items carefully and consider whether you really need them in the new place or not. You could donate certain items if they’re in a good condition. It’s easy to find your local goodwill online. It’s also worth unpacking room by room as well. Clearly label your boxes and put them in their respective rooms.

Plan to celebrate in your new neighborhood

Even if you’re organized, moving day will be tiring, so why not reward yourself for all your hard work? Book a table at a local restaurant and treat the whole family to dinner out. This will be a great opportunity to see your new neighborhood as well, and even meet the locals. Moving might take a little work initially but it’s also an exciting adventure. Rather than dwelling on the stress of it all, focus on the end goal. Be organized and try to maintain a positive attitude and hopefully this will help your moving day go smoothly.