Are you planning a summer vacation? Whether you’re staying close to home or going on an epic adventure, there are some things you need to take care of before you go. Here are five things to sort out before hitting the road (or the skies!).

1) Travel documents

This is the most important thing to check before packing your bags. Make sure you have all the necessary travel documentation such as passports, visas, and any other necessary papers that are required for your destination. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure to check the passport guidelines of the country or countries you’ll be visiting. In addition, if you’re traveling by car, make sure your driver’s license is valid and that it’s not expired.

2) Accommodation

If you haven’t already made hotel reservations or other accommodation arrangements, now is the time to do so. Research different options in advance and read reviews before making a final decision. You can also use popular booking websites such as or Airbnb to find great deals on hotels or apartments. Also, if you’re planning on camping in the wilderness, make sure to get your permit and understand any restrictions that may apply to the area.

3) Insurance

It’s always important to be prepared for any unexpected medical or travel emergencies while abroad. Make sure you have a valid health insurance policy before leaving so that you’re covered if anything were to happen during your trip. Also, consider purchasing travel insurance to cover things such as trip cancelation or lost baggage. You could also look into taking out personal liability insurance if you are participating in any potentially risky activities such as bungee jumping or hiking.

4) Currency

If you’re traveling abroad, make sure to exchange your currency for the destination country’s money before leaving. You can do this at your local bank or through a foreign exchange office. Also keep in mind that it’s usually more cost-effective to use ATMs when withdrawing cash from a foreign country because they typically offer better exchange rates than most financial institutions. However, always be mindful of potential fraud risks and never share your PIN number with anyone.

5) Pet sitting services

If you’re planning on leaving your furry friend at home, then it’s important to arrange for a pet-sitting service or dog boarding services. Make sure the person is qualified and has experience in taking care of animals. You should also leave detailed instructions including feeding schedules, medical considerations, and any allergies or behavioral issues your pet may have. In addition, make sure that you provide the pet sitter with all necessary tools, such as food bowls and bedding. This will ensure your pet stays safe and comfortable while you’re away.Going on vacation can be an incredibly exciting experience — but it’s important to take the time to sort out these five things before you go! That way, you can be sure that everything is taken care of and that your trip will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Bonus: Check Your Driver’s License

Every area is going to be different, so you’re going to need to look into your driver’s license as well as your car’s insurance too.  You’re going to want to ensure there isn’t anything that could create problems, such as immediate threat suspension to your license. This, of course, is very important if you plan to use your license as an ID or just want to travel somewhere that needs a car, like a road trip or renting one.

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