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You want your child and teen to live a better life, right? Inspiring older children and young adults can be a challenge (to say the least) and sometimes it can honestly be a big freaking headache! Why? Because as kids get older they the tend to think that they know better than their parents. They want to take over their own decision making and lessen the control of authority figures in their lives. This is nothing new, nor is it something negative. It just means that as parents, teachers and care givers, we must find ways to equip older kids and teens with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their transition from childhood to adulthood! Kids don’t want to hear another well intentioned lecture, story or rule. They want to try out their own abilities to be amazing! We need to nurture our children to be inspired, creative, confident, motivated and healthy. So, here are 5 sure fire ways that I feel are important to help kids and teens live more happy and successful life.

5 Sure Fire Ways to Help Kids & Teens Live a Better Life  with jenny at dapper house through #inspiration #creativity #confidence #motivation #health


Want your child to be totally inspired to life a positive and powerful life? Kid President (Robby Novak) is a 10 year old internet sensation that has been an inspiration to children and young adults everywhere. (He has moved me to tears more than a few times!) Here is a book based on his words of wisdom and positive outlook on life. If you haven’t seen him yet, you need to find him on you tube right now! He has a lot of great messages, like “Life is tough but so are you!” This book is sure to make a mark on your child.


Did you know that art is a way for kids to express themselves without feeling pressured? It is also a way for them to find their own person style, deal with their dreams and fears safely and ward of depression through creativity. This book guides them through all of these things with prompts and theory that can will motivate them to find the joy in expressing themselves!

If your child or teen is like most, they are worried about privacy. Often they won’t venture into creativity because of their fear of being rejected, so you can always opt for a locked journal. Kids can still use the art journal above for the prompts and daily journaling, but also have a place to keep their secret stuff to themselves.


Our kids and teens are more active in social situations than ever before thanks to the internet, cell phones, real time gaming and more. Kids who know how to handle themselves in social situations can be confident and happy in everything they do. Here is a humorous book that addresses how kids can handle themselves at home, school and online. Cartoons, bullet points and graphs help make this book engaging and easy to follow.


Kids and teens who dream big are on the right track. But those who know how to set goals and work toward their dreams are the ones who are productive and happy in life. Here are two amazing workbooks that coach kids on how to focus their ideas, wants and needs into priorities and manageable goals. Then it gives them the tools to create and work a plan to achieve their goals. Give your child and teen the power to create their own happiness and success.


Kids who are healthy are better equipped to feel happy. Fitness and healthy eating are not things that are optional for kids, although it can sometimes be a struggle to educate them on the importance of getting active and putting down the junk food. In a time when marketing to kids and teens presents them with unrealistic lifestyles filled with unhealthy habits laced with promises of self fulfillment, it is more important than ever to give your child ways to find their own motivation to be healthy. Here are a few products to look through to find the perfect fit for your particular child. Whether it be a fitness dvd or new information about eating right give your child more power over their own health and they are more likely to invest in themselves!

TIP: Helping kids and teens find local sports to participate in is a perfect way to help kids be healthy. There are local gyms, soccer clubs, indoor trampoline centers and dance classes to take advantage of – and in all different venues and price ranges. Help your child find ways to get active and have fun!

What advice do you have for parents who want their child to live a more successful and happy life? What has worked for you?