Spending quality time with your significant other is important for making your relationship work. Juggling a hectic work schedule and busy family life with your relationship can be difficult, so scheduling regular date night is important. Eating out and watching a movie for every date can get boring and expensive, so if you want to shake things up, try these five ideas.

Have a Date Night In

You don’t always have to go out to have a fun date night. You can have one from the comfort of your home and you don’t even have to get out of your couples underwear sets. Let the kids spend the night with a friend or wait until they go to bed and spend some quality time with your significant other. Order takeout, bake a dessert, play a board game or binge watch your favorite show and just enjoy the uninterrupted time together.

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the most cost-efficient dates you can have. Pick up your favorite dinner and drive to an empty field near your home. You can have a picnic under the stars and point out different constellations while sharing your hopes and dreams with each other and just catching up on important events.

Try Bowling

Many people love a good competition. If you and your partner enjoy competing against each other, you might want to try bowling. You can rent a lane and shoes for an affordable price and have two full hours of fun entertainment. This date idea is also easy to customize. If you get hungry, but some snacks and drinks. If you want to include friends in your date night, invite them and turn it into a competition between couples. You can even make things interesting by striking a friendly wager with your significant other so whoever gets the lowest score has to do a chore that the other partner hates for a week.

Visit a Seasonal Attraction

Every season is associated with fun activities. Because these events last for limited times, taking advantage of what is offered each season is a great way to keep date nights fun and interesting. In the spring, visit a local butterfly house or attend a flower festival. Take a day trip to the closest lake or beach in the summer. During the fall, you could visit a corn maze or go to a pumpkin patch. You may also want to go to a haunted house or a fall festival. During the winter months, decorate a gingerbread house or go ice skating.

Ride Bikes

Riding bikes on a date is a great way to spend time together while exercising and enjoying a beautiful day. Map out a scenic route and make frequent stops to take fun pictures. You should also make time to stop for dinner or ice cream and engage in conversation while enjoying your dish. If you want to make bike riding a hobby you can do together, start by making short, easy trips around town and gradually increase the difficulty until you both can tackle tough terrain easily.

Planning a fun date doesn’t have to be expensive. Dates are about spending quality time together, not being extravagant, so finding simple ways to connect is easy when you get creative. There are dozens of ways to plan a date that is both meaningful and inexpensive, and you can cycle through a wide variety of ideas so you can have a unique date each week. These five date night ideas can help you get started and remind you how to appreciate the simple things in life so you can strengthen your relationship.