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When asked to name a food that contains Vitamin C the majority of us answer with “oranges”.  Vitamin C used to be the most popular  “go-to” for preventing colds. While science has found that the healing properties we once assigned to Vitamin C  don’t hold the amount of power, that doesn’t mean that you should toss it aside. It is still proven true that increasing Vitamin C during a cold can reduce symptoms and the duration of the cold. Vitamin C is chock full of anti-oxidants that boost immune function and treat a host of other ailments. Want to get your C? Here are 5 other foods that have just as much or more vitamin C than oranges.

5 Foods that Have as Much Vitamin C as Oranges - jenny at dapperhouse #health #nutrition


Strawberries are best when dipped in chocolate – oh, dang, wrong article . . . let me start again. . . (clears throat) Strawberries are best because they contain lots of essential minerals that our body needs like copper, potassium, biotin, phosphorus, magnesium and more. Not to mention that the antioxidants in strawberries have been proven to fight aging and increase cardiovascular health. Plus, they pack a whole lot more vitamin C than oranges (and taste better dipped in chocolate…. Or do they?)

Foods that have jsut as much or more Vitamin C than Oranges! jenny at dapperhouse


Papaya has a lot of the same health benefits as strawberries. I use frozen papaya a lot in my smoothies because while I don’t love the taste of papaya on its own, I do love the benefits that it provides my body and it tastes so good in a blend with other ingredients. Folate, fiber, B vitamins and SO MUCH Vitamin C.

Move over fruits! There are plenty of healthy veggies with Vitamin C as well.


I love cauliflower because it is so crunchy and contains quite a bit of protein (for a vegetable). It has Vitamin K, folate, minerals and the same amount of potassium as a banana!

Foods that have as much (or more) Vitamin C as oranges - jenny at dapperhouse

Red Chili Peppers

If you watch Orange is the New Black you may have learned from season one that Chili Peppers get their heat from on ingredient called capsaicin (which Piper made into a lotion for Red to ease her back pain). But peppers also deliver a potent punch of vitamin C. Peppers also boost metabolism, fight some cancers and regulate heart disease. Overall, this is a spicy way to clean out those sinuses and get healthy!


I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see Kale on the list, or did you? Kale has gained so much popularity lately because if it’s long overlooked nutrition. I myself have been making (and posting) more recipes with Kale lately and using it more often because it is packed with fiber, Omega 3’s, B Vitamins and of course,  tons of vitamin C.

5 Foods that contain even more Vitamin C than kronges and why you should eat them - jenny at dapperhouse

Vitamin C absolutely reverses the signs of aging on skin by stimulating the production of collagen and making skin more elastic.  Vitamin C  fixes sun damage, particularly fine lines and age spots… no really, it erases wrinkles and age spots by healing sun damage!

Using Vitamin C  internally and externally is highly beneficial to your health and your overall life. And while you can still drink that fresh squeezed o.j. to charge up your immunities, you now know that there are a lot of other options for getting your “C”!