There’s just something about winter that makes us want to turn our homes into a comfy, cozy retreat. With the chilly air and the shorter days, creating an environment in our homes that invites comfort and relaxation is a great way to make it through those winter days. So what can you do decor-wise to make your home as comfy as possible this winter? Take a look at our top five go-to decorative ideas!

1. Cute Wall Decor

A great place to start is with some cute wall decor. Whether you’re going with something to fit the holiday you’re celebrating or something a bit more general, wall decor is a great way to tie a room together and make things a bit cozy. If you’re looking for some fresh pieces to hang in your home, Our Kindred Home has plenty of cute options to choose from to spread throughout your house, and it’s all handmade!

2. Throw Pillows

One way to soften up an area is to add a handful of fun throw pillows! Whether you’re arranging them on your couch, an armchair or a window seat, you’ll find that throw pillows add a sense of coziness. Consider which colors and textures you’ll want to incorporate into your home during the winter and find some pillows that fit the aesthetic you’re envisioning. Spread them throughout your house, and they’re sure to add a softer, more comfortable feel.

3. Super Soft Blankets

What’s more comfy than a super soft throw blanket? At the end of a long winter day, there are few things better than snuggling up under your favorite blanket with a good book or to watch a movie. Find some blankets in sizes and textures that you like and throw one over the back of your sofa, or perhaps pile them in a cute basket in the corner of the room. This is sure to create a comfortable ambiance in your home that everyone will enjoy.

4. Yummy Candles

Everyone loves a home that has a good smell. Consider which scents you prefer or which scents remind you of winter, and invest in a few candles to light around your home. There’s just something about settling in for the evening with a delicious scent swirling around, so get some candles that you know you’ll love!

5. A Drink Station

When I think of wintertime, I think of yummy treats and drinks. One great way to add some additional comfort to your home is to create a drink station! Whether it’s for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or all of the above, keep all the supplies well stocked and nearby in a central location so that it’s easy for people to prepare a beverage for themselves. Incorporate cute mugs and fun containers to hold everything to make it even more fun.


So as winter approaches, consider what you can do in your home to make it comfortable and cozy for those who are in it. A few small adjustments and additions can make a big difference, so take some time think about what you want to do to make your house a home this winter!