As an expectant mother you have many responsibilities like figuring out prenatal care, budgeting for the upcoming costs of raising a child, and learning about how to care for an infant and older. Some women welcome the new lifestyle and role while others are uncertain or even worried. All these emotions are normal and none of them are wrong. Pregnancy and parenthood is nothing to be taken lightly. For anyone feeling overwhelmed here are four helpful resources you can access online for free.

The American Pregnancy Association

The APA as been around for years, and its website offers tons of great information and resources for mothers from all walks of life. You can call, email or go online to chat with an expert for information and support. The site also offers over 700 articles on countless pregnancy-related topics, so you can browse to find answers for just about any question. They can also direct you to one of the many clinics for abortion Illinois support. The Association is dedicated to helping women stay healthy and deliver healthy babies, and their published literature offers unbiased facts and believes in healthcare with strong foundations in scientific evidence.

Mama Doctor Jones, OBGYN

Danielle Jones is a board-certified OBGYN who successfully completed medical school and became a new mother (to twins!) in the same timeframe. Her YouTube channel has been active since 2019, and she has been a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist since 2017; she produces videos on all aspects of feminine health, including pregnancy. Doctor Jones takes great care to provide viewers around the world with accurate scientific information on bodily anatomy, prenatal care, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, parenting and countless other important topics for any expecting parent. Her philosophy is patient-focused, LGBTQ+ friendly and founded in scientific accuracy.


A charity mostly focused on improving prenatal care, making pregnancy safer and offering support for miscarriages and loss of life in babies, this organization is based in the United Kingdom and offers tons of great information and resources online. Tommy’s also funds 5 research centers in the U.K., all of which are closely connected to reputable NHS and antenatal care clinics in the country. You can use their online guide to find out if you’re eligible to receive a referral to one of their clinics, and you can even opt to join in clinically-overseen research trials to help build a better understanding of pregnancy complications, safety and treatment.

Stanford Children’s Health

This university hospital has a large online database of resources and links to helpful sites and information on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. They can connect you to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the International Lactation Consultant Association, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and any other organization that specializes in women and children. They also offer published articles on what to look out for in newborns, infant feeding, birthing statistics and more. As an accredited medical institution, you can trust that the information on their site is as accurate as possible.

If you’re pregnant and not sure what to do next, remember: there is always help available. If you’re in an especially severe situation and need immediate help, call 911 or contact your local emergency department right away. You can also reach out for help via the SAMHSA hotline any time, anywhere.