Are you neglecting your health with the excuse of a busy lifestyle? When people become overwhelmed and have a lot on their plates to juggle, one of the first things they drop is their own needs. Why? Quite simply, they become too focused on other aspects of life that they need to pay attention to, and their needs become insignificant.

This can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health, and studies have shown that stress and mental health conditions are on the rise. This is more likely for the Gen Z age group, who report their mental health is currently worse than 12 months previously.

But how can you improve your health and wellness daily without neglecting your commitments?

Stay hydrated

Not staying adequately hydrated can be a massive issue for your health. For starters, you will become easily fatigued; your skin will become dull and less plump; you will experience a range of physical side effects from weight gain to increased headaches, dry mouth, feeling sluggish, and more. Ideally, you need to drink at least 8 cups of water daily. However, your body gets water from other sources, such as fruit, so eating apples and pears can help you make up for this shortfall, such as drinking tea and coffee, which also contain water. Avoid sugary drinks, as this will only make the issue worse.

Focus on sleep

One thing every person needs to do each and every day is sleep. If you are working later in the night, it is eating up your sleeping time, or you are getting up early to fit everything in, your body will soon start to feel the effects of poor sleep. You might begin to feel a heightened stress response, decline in your cognitive abilities, short temper and attention spans, and a range of health issues, including weight gain, high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and much more. So stop sacrificing your shut-eye and give your body the rest it craves by allowing yourself a good night’s sleep.

Take a timeout

Time outs aren’t just for naughty toddlers who need to think about what they have done or need a safe space to calm down. Adults need time outs too. Your body isn’t designed to keep running and running, and at some point, if you don’t allow yourself to stop and rest, your body will make that decision for you.

So whether you take 10 minutes to sit on the stairs or in a quiet corner and let your mind switch off, get a relaxing yoga workout in, visit family or friends for a much-needed catch-up, or even head to a Chiropractor to release stress from your body, just do it. Allow yourself the time to stop, breathe and give yourself some attention, even if it is just doing the weekly food shop alone, so you have some thinking space away from everything else.


These three tips are easy ways to give your body when it needs and not allow yourself to get too caught up in the demands of an ocean lifestyle. By putting yourself back into your list of things to take care of, you can start improving your overall mental and physical health and wellness to help you support your needs daily.

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