All we have to do is look around and we will find people who inspire others. I love finding stories about the good in people and how we are helping others selflessly to make the world a better place. Medtronic’s Bakken Invitation is a huge inspiration to many and have inspired me to make a resolution to help others more in 2016 with their “Live On Give On” award nominees. These are individuals who used their second shot at life to inspire and actively help others around them through service, volunteerism and leadership. Meet the nominees and comment here on my blog for who you think should win the Bakken Invitation Award and you could win $100 gift card to do good in your own community!

#AD Live on Give on Medtronic and Bakken Invitation - jenny at dapperhouse

The people from Bakken and Medtronic Foundation are honoring people who had a second chance at life with the use of a medical device. This is near to my heart because while my husband did not receive a medical device, he did get a second chance at life when I donated a kidney to him! He had so many medical devices that got him through the surgery and recovery and is now back to normal. We have a dear friend of the family who wears an insulin pump that monitors and delivers insulin 24 hours a day using technology that even syncs up to the parent’s phones! Like the nominees for the Bakken Invitation award, these two lives matter and they are making the world a better place by being here.

The nominee I voted for and am inspired to share with you is Kerry Kalweit who like our close family  friend, has a permanent insulin pump that manages her diabetes so that she can at 25 years old, be the General Manager for Youth with Diabetes and help educate and encourage children who are also living with this disease.


Kerry is earning her Masters of Science in diabetes epidemiology and running a project that will help her advocate for test strips to be put on national tender so that regardless of location, diabetes patients in South Africa will have the resources to test their blood glucose levels and be empowered to make decisions regarding their treatment and diet.

Here are the nominees. Find the person that inspires you and leave a comment below for your entry to win $100 gift card!!


Please share the story of you or someone you know whose life has been changed or saved from the miracle of medical technology.

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*Voting ends on March 18th 2016. One entry per person, per comment. Winner will be selected at random. Jenny at dapperhouse is not responsible for prize fulfillment.