Your sleep dictates so much about how you feel and function throughout the day. It also has a huge impact on your immune system, meaning that those all-nighters could end up costing you your health, and can lead to some pretty terrible colds. On a normal day, however, the quality of your sleep could mean the difference between having a wonderful day, and a horrible one. Everyone knows how amazing a great night’s sleep can be, but recreating that can seem like a rare stroke of luck. Follow this guide, and you’ll improve your average sleep in no time:

Start with Your Bed

Your bed is ground zero for your sleep quality. If it isn’t up to code, then you need to invest back into it:


  • What Your Sheets Do for You


Your sheets do a lot for you during your sleep. Typically, they determine how warm you are, how sweaty you get, and how comfortable you are. Different fabrics provide different benefits. Cotton and linen sheets are very breathable, and will keep you warm. Cotton, of course, is much softer than linen sheets, and can come in increasingly high thread counts to provide a smoother, silkier feel. Silk, on the other hand, is great for your skin. It causes the least abrasions; however, it holds the most moisture. Having a silk pillowcase might be something that you are interested in, but generally stay away from silk sheets, as your body does sweat throughout the night, and without the breathability, you could become uncomfortable.


  • What Your Pillows Do for You


Pillows provide much-needed neck support in order for you to get a proper night’s rest. If your pillow sinks in too far, your neck bends downwards. Similarly, if they are too big or too fluffy, your neck will crane upwards. Regardless of which sleeping position you prefer, proper neck support is key to a good night’s rest. Mattress Clarity compiled the best pillow for neck pain, so you can be sure to find the right fit for you.


  • What Your Mattress Does for You


Just as your pillows provide support, so too does your mattress. Your spine needs to be adequately supported, meaning you need to find the right fit for you. You also need to be aware of how old your mattress is – they are used regularly for years, after all. When a decade has come up, it’s usually a good time mattress shop for a new one.

Work on Your Routine

Routine is wonderful for so many reasons when it comes to our health. A bedtime routine can help you sleep more deeply, every single night. Start a few hours before bed, and follow these tips:


  • What Electronic Lights Do to You


Our bodies do so much without us realizing it. These involuntary processes include everything, from breathing to digesting, to even being awake and alert. That is because your body takes cues from many different factors to create your circadian rhythm. One of the biggest cues is the light outside. The blue light of daytime makes us more awake, and after the sun sets, we should be in darkness long enough for our internal clocks to allow us a deep rest. The problem, however, is that our electronic devices mimic this blue light, which means that scrolling your phone before you sleep can actually cause a restless slumber. Either turn off your electronics a few hours before bed, or use a night-mode setting that turns the light on your screen a warmer orange hue.


  • How to Slow Down Before Bed


All of us have been kept up at night by thoughts whizzing around chaotically. If we could only get them to stop, we’d be able to finally go to sleep. To help against this frustrating state of sleep, try focusing on one task before you go to bed. For instance, reading, though watching a movie or television show can also help.


  • Want Deep Relaxation? Try Heat


Heat relaxes our bodies, which is why having a hot shower or bath before bed can really help you sleep. Similarly, drinking hot tea or another warm drink (without caffeine) can also help you sleep better. That being said, being in a cold room or having cool sheets can help you go to sleep faster, as it forces your body to cool down. Showering before bed, however, typically doesn’t stop this from happening. Rather, it encourages it, as your elevated body temperature cools, you fall asleep.

Tip: If you want to be more awake and alert when you wake up, have a cool shower. The cold water will wake you up and make you more alert so that you can get on with your day.  

Consistency is the Key

Like with anything concerning your health, consistency is key. You need to make your bedtime (and wakeup) routines consistent. Go to bed at the same time every night. Spend the same amount of time in the bathroom beforehand, showering or going through your beauty routine. Do the same motions, so that your body’s natural rhythms can adjust. You’ll be able to get to sleep faster, and sleep more deeply as a result. Have the same morning routine, and you will similarly be able to wake up much more efficiently.

How Your Improved Sleep Will Change Your Life

Your sleep quality will dictate so much about your day and your longevity. A great night’s sleep can boost your mood, lower stress, help you better combat any stress that you encounter throughout the day, and so on. Sleep is mystifying, yes, but what is universally agreed is that it is imperative to our health and happiness. Sleep is when we process what has gone on through our day, and it is how we recuperate. We heal during our sleep, and, if you follow this guide, you’ll benefit from being more alert, happier, and more relaxed.