I would like to thank Danielle McAnn for this guest post on the importance of being knowledgeable about first aid. Whether it be in your home or your workplace it is critical to be prepared for emergencies big or small.

You never know when your first aid will come in handy

No one ever anticipates accidents and disasters, that’s why they have the reputation that they do. You might never have thought of it, but here’s the thing: you need a first aid kit within spitting distance. Don’t let it be one of those things that you just didn’t think of until disaster struck. Avoid catastrophe and never reach that point, be as ready as you can for the very worst thing that can happen. A great way to be ready is to keep an all-purpose, simple first aid kit within reach at home and at the office. For most work places, having a first aid kit and some kind of first aid training is compulsory. Find out about what these requirements are and what government bodies recommend, and then you can replicate those standards at home. Get advice on first aid kits, training, and where to get them from at organisations like First Aid Management.

If you run a business with employees, you should be familiar with all of this, or at least have delegated this task and this knowledge to someone within your organisation. It’s just part of being a responsible employer.

It’s simple and easy to but a first aid kit together. You need to start with the basics, and then be imaginative about the other things you put in there, according to the kind of work you do and the medical requirements of the people in your family. Rubber gloves and ziplock bags are important for dealing with a bodily fluid or blood situation. Epi-pens and Benadryl are important for allergic reactions.

Take some time to get prepared for an unexpected emergency!