I know from my experience 100% that wish is a scammy app with a success rate of less than 10% for everything I have ever ordered. I have thrown away every piece of clothing I have purchased on Wish and only kept a few other things that ended up having a very short lifespan. I admit though, that I am addicted to shopping on wish!  I will tell myself not to go on Wish but then I’m like, “What can it hurt to just  take a peek at their crappy stuff” and then 3 hours later I emerge from  my phone with bloodshot eyes, embarrassing regret with a cart filled with like, 50 items. . . . . (sigh). I don’t know why I get so sucked in but I do.

So with Halloween coming at the end of October and Wish items taking at least a month to arrive, I placed an order back in August so I would be sure to have them in time. Most everything has arrived by now but per usual, I am missing things (so we all tell ourselves “Ah, it was only a few dollars anyway” and chock it up to Wish being Wish).

I wanted to do a blog post to show you a direct comparison of the ad photos to the actual products so that you can see the difference (and the similarities) for yourself. I want to show you (and remind myself ) that Wish is hit or miss, but for the wasted money that adds up fast, it is cheaper, faster and smarter to order from a more reliable site or just skip the mail order bologna and go to the dollar store (or one of those cheap and cheesy stores in the mall for clothes and accessories that don’t fit right and will never last longer than one night out).

Here we go:

First, I have been wanting to get some “OK – ish” wigs to wear for instagram photos and some great wigs to wear on the daily. I thought for my first purchase I would try this beautiful light blush pink wig. It was on Wish for $30 but if you know the secret that I know, you can use the search feature to find the exact same products for WAY cheaper and then, find “other buyers waiting to purchase” for an even lower price. I got mine down from $30 to $13 (woot!) but it is good that I didn’t pay even .10 cents more because scroll down to see the actual wig.  🙁


It looks kind of like the pictures in person, but it is super cheap and 100% the type of wig that comes in a bag with a Halloween costume. I can put a cute hat over the top  of it, use dry shampoo to remove the shine and use lots of photo filters to get some shots for instagram, but it is total crap. I am so glad I only spent $13 on this wig. On the upside, it is definitively cheaper than buying it at a costume store if you need a crappy pink wig.

Next item.

These lashes are a total fail. They look so soft and glam on the models but in actuality, they are made of a type of plastic that is WAY too thick to bend into a curled shape that will fit on an eye. They are not at all similar to lash hair but closer to the feel of  fake grass. I can’t even review these because they are not like any lashes I have ever seen except on stuffed animals. $4 in the trash.

On to Earrings.

These earrings looked kind of cute and I knew for sure that they would look cheap but again, I thought that for photos they would be perfect.

I was right. They are exactly as expected and you will see them soon on my instagram so follow me  and watch for them! 😉  You can not beat free and $3 shipping!


Another total WIN from Wish are these Pink glasses. Again, I want to use them for photos although I will wear these out too. they are super duper cute and in person they are sturdy and do not look cheap!

I am really happy with these glasses and for $5 bucks I recommend them 100%.

Costume Accessories.

So these lace bunny ears can go creepy and dark or sexy depending on your outfit. I like them on the scary side and have to figure out if I am going to form a costume around these beauties. Do they look like the picture? No, they do not look similar, the lace is totally different and they are made with much less quality than the ones in the photo. Are they useable? Eh, yes. I can use them and not be mad about it but they look cheap. Not exactly a win, but I am keeping them none the less. (Again, follow me on instagram and see how I end up styling this product.


This headband is a WISH WIN! I recommend buying these because they look like the picture and they are cute! FREE with only a few dollars for shipping is a steal. Get every color.

Here is another headband that I was super excited about and wanted it for a serious Halloween costume option. It could go pretty woodland fairy but I was thinking something more sinister . . .

It arrived with one of the branches broken from the base of the headband. If I choose to fix it, it would still be lopsided and uneven. As well, it was supposed to be black, but it is covered in bright blue splatter paint which I do NOT understand at all. It is cheesy, smaller than the photo and so disappointing. FAIL. I want to try and fix it and spray paint it anyway. I will have to figure out how to reinforce the branches so they don’t fall off and I will have to re-glue everything with e-600 instead of their glue gun (which does not adhere plastic to plastic). We’ll see…

I was pretty in love with these when I saw them and who wouldn’t be? They are really cool! You get 2 pieces; one for mom and one for baby. Again, I was thinking some type of costume or photos so I ordered them in blue but they have a lot of gorgeous colors to choose from!

What I got was different than this picture BUT still so so pretty and really good quality. They downfall for me was that I got only one piece in mine and it was the baby size.  UUUUUGH!  Stupid Wish. I really wanted this one to work. 🙁


I wanted a cheap glitter lip gloss and decided to try this one. It works well although it does have a grainy feel from the glitter, but it is a decent quality for the price. The problem with this lip gloss is that it smells faintly like vanilla and smells VERY strongly of spoiled milk. . . like, EXACTLY like spoiled milk. No joke. It is super weird. Do not buy.

Here is another lip product that I wanted to try and then if it worked, I would buy more colors. I was buying a nude color as shown in #10 below but accidentally ordered #1 in an orange color. I can’t ever see a reason to wear bright orange lips so I tossed it. As far as the quality, I think that the packaging is really sleek. The applicator is nice. The product goes on too streaky to be use-able but that may be because of the super bright color. I could have tried letting it dry between layers but I didn’t. It dries very matte and is difficult to remove (a good quality IMO). I may order a nude and give it another go.

So if you have used the WISH App you know that my experience is pretty typical. This last order actually was so much more successful that any past orders I have placed. I ordered a pair of sunglasses that never came so that sucks too but is also typical of them.

All in all I would say stay away from Wish because it is throwing your money away even if it is only a few bucks here and there. The majority of the products are unusable garbage, they take a month to ship and are a disappointment when they do arrive. Save your money and go find what you want in person. At least you will know what you are buying and if you pay a few dollars more than you did on Wish, at least you will actually have something you will use instead of throw away.

It is so tempting to take the gamble, but they payoff sucks.

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