I love the fresh pine scent of a REAL Christmas Tree. Its just all the pine needles and mess that I really don’t like. We keep it watered, but there are still stiff, sharp pine needles falling in the gifts, sticking into stocking feet and making their way through the entire house! They get stuck in the cracks of my wooden floors and I am still picking them out of the carpet on the stairs every July. Why? Below are a few pictures of what my floors looked like after removing the Christmas tree from our home. . . 

I do enjoy the little things in life and one of the things I love most is turning my vacuum on in January and smelling the fresh pine needles inside while I clean the carpets and rugs!
Do you do a real tree or a fake tree?
Which do you like best and why?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse