Many kids want a puppy (or a dinosaur) but sometimes a fish is the biggest commitment that parents can make. At this point you can go with an aquarium with multiple fish or a single fish. A betta fish is a great “starter” fish for a child to learn responsibility and they are a beautiful fish for a child to look at and love. Betta fish are also called Siamese Fighting Fish (pretty cool, right?). There are many types and colors of Betta so a child will be able to pick one that is special to them. Here are some reasons that a betta fish makes a great pet for kids.

How Long Do Betta Fish Live?: They are hearty fish that can typically live up to three years and sometimes even longer. This is a good amount of time for a child to care for and enjoy their pet.

Do Betta Need a Bowl or Aquarium?: Betta fish can live in a bowl or a small aquarium with a filter. Both are quite easy to take care of. If you keep a betta in a bowl, you will need to change one-third of the water at about twice a week to keep a clean environment for your pet. Your child can use a turkey baster to remove some of the water and then add clean water. This is an easy chore for a child and helps them feel proud about caring for a living thing. A small aquarium with a duetto submersible power filter greatly reduces the amount of water changes needed.

Are Betta Fish Boring?: This is in the eye of the beholder but Betta are smart fish and active as well. For example, Betta love showing off their beautiful fins when they swim. If your child feeds them in the same time and same spot in the cage, they can learn to go to that area when it is time to eat!

What Do Betta Fish Eat? Betta fish are easy to feed because their specialized food include everything they need to live healthy and stay vibrant. Betta love blood worms as well and these make a special treat that your child can give the fish now and then.

Due to their extraordinary fins, vibrant colors and heartiness, Betta fish make great pets for kids. The maintenance required to care for Bettas is relatively minimal but enough for a child to have the responsibility of keeping a pet healthy and happy. Go up to your local pet store and/or fish store and let your child see if a betta fish interests them.

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