Being in lockdown during the global pandemic is strenuous for many different reasons. For parents, it can be difficult to maintain a balance between working from home and keeping your children occupied. When your children are active and use to running around in the school yard, having to stay inside the house can be extremely difficult. Usually resulting in sibling rivalry and heaps of built up energy.

Luckily, 12ft trampolines were invented to help parents across the globe deal with the struggles of lockdown. And the children aren’t complaining. Many parents bought trampolines online when they heard what a great hit they are with other families. Trampolines are increasing in popularity as more kids are adding it onto the Christmas wish list.

Here are a few reasons why kids love trampolines, especially during a lockdown:

Active Activity

Sure, kids don’t mind spending time behind the computer screen or watching a movie. But most children enjoy using their bodies and taking part in activities. Because their bones and muscles are still developing, they don’t want to sit still for too long.

When your child is actively jumping on a trampoline, they work their lymphatic system that strengthens the immune system. Physical activity also improves blood flow and blood circulation which is good for physical and mental health.

While jumping, they can exercise, try new tricks, and be active all while they improve their balance, coordination, and immune system. This is especially necessary during the lockdown, when the routine they’ve been used to, have changed drastically.

Simulates Flying

Who doesn’t want to emulate their favorite superhero? When children see each other jump on a trampoline it seems like they are flying. The flying simulation creates the wow factor that amazes all children.

This being said, children shouldn’t push the boundaries by trying to reach the sky. To avoid accidents, children should follow general safety rules. Getting a trampoline with a safety net is also a great idea. Parents should keep in mind safety measures when they introduce the jumping net into the back yard. Follow these expert tipsto ensure your child stays safe while jumping.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Kids are known to show off everything they do to their parents. Jumping a bit higher than before or even choreographing a dance on the trampoline gives them a sense of accomplishment.

This is important, especially while schools are closed during the lockdown. In order for them to still feel like they are achieving something physical.