Adding a pond into your garden is an investment that you will enjoy for years to come. A pond provides an ecosystem for wildlife and encourages different species to visit your garden that you wouldn’t ordinarily see, such as newts and dragonflies. Furthermore, a pond will give your garden an air of tranquility for you to relax and unwind alongside at the end of a long day. However, ponds require some level of maintenance to stay looking their best; they can all too quickly become sludgy swamps if you fall behind. To get the most from your aquatic environment, here is what you need for the best possible pond.

  • Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants help to enliven a pond and create a vibrant ecosystem in which wildlife can thrive. Though they aren’t difficult to plant, there are some considerations to bear in mind. For instance, water lilies provide an elegant and tranquil appearance to any pond, and provide much-needed shelter to aquatic wildlife. However, like with other deep-water aquatic plants, they should be lowered into the pond in stages as their leaves reach the water’s surface, until the desired depth is reached. 

  • Pond filters

With debris, algae, and waste produced by fish, your pond can quickly become clogged up and dirty. A dirty pond is not pleasing to look at, and will resemble more of a swamp than a tranquil watering hole. It is also hazardous to the wildlife living in and around the aquatic ecosystem, as debris can prevent sunlight and oxygen from penetrating the surface of the water, as well as rotting into the water and becoming toxic. Pond filters work to remove debris and algae growth from your pond, therefore maintaining a crystal-clear water quality that supports a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Visit for more information about the different types of filters available for your pond. 

  • A waterfall

Adding a waterfall to your pond brings an additional element of visual interest: you will enjoy relaxing by your pond and watching and listening to the sounds of running water from your waterfall. It will also provide an essential source of running water to prevent your pond from stagnating and to draw wildlife to its banks. Waterfalls come in different sizes and styles to suit your pond and garden design. For example, you could introduce a water wall into your pond for a contemporary interpretation of a waterfall, or keep it traditional with a fiberglass rock waterfall. 

  • Pond ornaments

Pond ornaments can add some visual interest to your pond, as well as providing additional shelter for aquatic wildlife. Keep it as simple or as fancy as you like: a few submerged terracotta pots can give a suggestion of the lost city of Atlantis, or you could introduce an enchanted woodland theme throughout your pond with statuettes of woodland creatures and fairies. Try to stick to one or two statement pieces in order to prevent your pond from becoming overwhelmed with ornamentation.