The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has caused many unexpected issues to arise. We have seen consequences of closing businesses hit our economy like a stack of dominoes where one thing triggers another and the pattern continues. There are many legal issues that have come up as a result of Covid-19 as well, from personal injury cases to major political battles. It is important to always have a legal team in mind before something happens. Procrastination on finding a good group of attorneys can cause delays when critical and time sensitive legal issues arise. Research and perhaps even schedule a call with attorneys such as Coriden Glover if you think you will need representation in a possible legal matter in the near future. Here are some unexpected legal consequences caused by the Coronavirus that may lead to you needing legal representation.


Filing for Divorce

Sheltering in place has amplified disagreements, boredom and disparities in marriages. Arguments are more frequent, personal time is rare and being in close quarters makes “the little things” turn into things that you find reprehensible. Lockdown went into effect in March 2020. By April the divorce rate had already risen by 34%. (source) There have been many traumas caused by Covid-19 that can prove too much for a relationship to withstand.

Contributing factors include:

  • anxiety and fear over Covid-19
  • sickness and in some cases death from coronavirus
  • loss of job, car, home etc. due to financial problems
  • political anxieties during an election season
  • financial stressors with the unstable economy
  • kids home 24 hours a day unable to go to school and other activities
  • nowhere to find personal time to relax, practice self-care or de-stress
  • major life changes in many areas


Preparing a Last Will and Testament 

Many of us have seen or personally experienced the tragic illness and often the death of Covid-19. When a person dies without a will it can leave many unanswered questions and a slew of unnecessary problems for loved ones to deal with. Having a will is a must during a pandemic. There are many ways and resources for you to prepare a last will and testament on your own, but if you do have the means, using a lawyer to prepare these documents for you will give you the peace of mind that you need to ensure your wishes are carried out without issue.

If you have a financial advisor it is also a good idea to meet and discuss the assets, insurance, investments, debts and other relevant matters that must be addressed in the event of your death. If you can purchase a burial plot or urn vault along with your casket or urn, this will also save your grieving family from extra work, money and sadness. There are many elements that can go into a will including custody, division of real estate and other assets and more. Have these decisions made and legally bound in case you should suddenly become ill with Coronavirus and pass away.


Personal Injury At Work

As of now, suing your company for contracting the Coronavirus is not too promising. If your company blatantly ignored CDC or OSHA guidelines causing you and others in your work are to become ill and incur losses, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. But at this time, they issue is that it is difficult to prove that transmission occurred in the workplace. Filing worker’s compensation is the standard so far, but you can always reach out to an attorney to find out if you have a legitimate case. (source)

Some reasons could include:

  • Losing your job when recovering from Covid-19
  • Losing exorbitant amounts of sick and personal time when recovering from Covid-19
  • Dealing with financial distress due to lost wages when battling and recovering from Covid-19
  • Incurring high amounts of medical bills as a result of most likely contracting Covid-19 in the workplace

There are so many other legal issues that people are dealing with because of the pandemic crisis. Businesses along with individuals are filing bankruptcy. Civil suits from the BLM protests are going to court. Parents are filing suits against school districts for using distance learning instead of having children in the buildings. And countless other legalities have come up as a result of the heightened stress, fear and anxiety over a worldwide pandemic. Having a lawyer to represent you in the many unexpected legal consequences of Covid-19 is now a necessity. Make certain you are prepared for whatever comes your way.